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Tomsk ONF activists organized a children’s party in the ecological style in honor of the Old New Year

Activists regional branch of the All-Russia People’s Front in the Tomsk region together with employees of the regional library named after AS Pushkin organized children’s environmental program dedicated to the celebrat[t:tag slug=prazdnovanie]celebration of the Old New Year. The event was attended by 40 preschool and primary school students from the educational institutions of Tomsk.

For them, the game was organized by the theatrical program of “In Defense of Christmas trees” with puzzles, contests, quizzes, singing and dancing on environmental issues. The participants of the festival showed how fabulous forest heroes, led by Santa Claus and tried to save by cutting herringbone and inventing various alternative ways of celebrating the New Year without the destruction of coniferous plantations. Struck knowledge and erudition of children, Santa Claus Unlearning with young conservationists new environmental song about the Christmas tree, sang with their parents “environmental” rap and gave kids New Year presents.

“Delight kids and words of thanks from the parents was not the end - said the representative of the regional working group ONF” Education and culture as a basis of national identity, “the deputy director of the regional library named after AS Pushkin Faith Maltseva. - No one wanted to leave after the holiday. We got a huge charge of positive emotions and good mood. And if children’s souls after our event remained light of goodness and love to the native nature, the greater reward for yourself and we do not want. ”

Ecological New Year holiday was the final event organized by activists of the Popular Front Tomsk. At the end of December 2015 “veterans” had three Christmas party kindergartens Tomsk Region, congratulated the New Year to young patients Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital and fulfilled the dream of 11-year-old from the village of Gamusa Vadim Molchanov, who underwent a complex cancer surgery, giving him a present from Santa Claus inflatable boat with a motor.

16 January 2016

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