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Combat training missions antiterrorist worked for the Russian Navy in the passage of the Suez Canal

Large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet (NF) “Vice-Admiral Kulakov,” performing tasks hike in the far zone of the ocean, made the transition from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, having worked a number of training and combat missions.
“The passage of the ship through the channel took the crew several hours, during which the main task was to ensure safe maneuvering of BOD under heavy traffic. Before the approach to the channel estimates of the main command center, information center, navigational and electronic combat units worked cooperation and conducted training for the passage narrows “- said in the press service of the Federation Council, received by the” Interfax-AVN “on Wednesday.
It is noted that “during the voyage of the ship have been fulfilled and questions countersabotage defense and antiterrorist activities.”
Far hike BOD “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” runs from 23 October. During this period, the ship passed more than 12 thousand. Miles. During the trip the crew worked a few dozen internal ship exercises of various kinds: from the struggle for survival on the go and the parking lot before the exercise of antiaircraft and antisubmarine defense with carrier-based aircraft.
In early December, BOD “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” has taken part in international anti-drug exercises “Arabian monsoon - 2015″ in the northern part of the Indian Ocean in cooperation with the Pakistan Navy ships.

23 December 2015

««« The US government will pay $ 100,000 Ukrainians enrolled in the business school at Harvard, Stanford and Yale Tomsk ONF activists during re-examination revealed facts of sale of tobacco near schools »»»

The ships of the Russian Navy, carrying cruise missiles "Caliber", from 15 August to begin teaching in the Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea »»»
Russian naval strike group (IBM) from 15 August to begin tactical exercises in the eastern Mediterranean.
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August 12, 2000 nuclear submarine K-141 "Kursk" (Project 949A "Antey".
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Defense Ministry issued a video raising the alarm Airborne units
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Military units from the Southern, Western and Central military districts.
In Russia celebrate the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea fleet at the Battle of Cape Tendra in the war against the Turks for the Crimea »»»
Day of military glory - the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea Fleet squadron under the command of Rear Admiral Fyodor Ushakov over the Turks at Cape Tendra mark in today's Russia.