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The US government will pay $ 100,000 Ukrainians enrolled in the business school at Harvard, Stanford and Yale

The US government intends to finance the training of Ukrainians in the best American business schools to help Ukraine out of the crisis. Fund Western NIS Enterpise to pay $ 100,000 to anyone who goes to Harvard, Stanford or Yale. The only condition: after two years of training to return to work in Ukraine. The US government calls it “an investment in the future of Ukraine”, according to “The Voice of America” ​​in Kiev.

To obtain a generous grant from the charity fund, you only need to successfully enroll in school. The program promises to cover up to 100% of expenditure on education. Five Ukrainians have already benefited from a scholarship in 2015. And in 2016 in the United States for business higher education in Ukraine will go to 40 fellows.

While Ukrainians in American universities is small, because the training is very expensive there. MBA degree holders in the United States receive no more than 10-15 students per year from Ukraine. In the fund to start looking to increase this number to at least 200 - about as many students from Poland and Turkey each year get a business education in the United States. No restrictions - are ready to pay tuition to anyone who will take place in one of these universities.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette said that after participating in the scholarship program will not be able to stay in America and should be required to return to Ukraine. “Of course, we welcome the contributions of Ukrainians in our economy, but the essence of the program is that you will return home and will help build the economy of their country.”

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian IT-education is coming to America. Ukrainian Computer Academy “STEP” announced the opening of a branch in Seattle. As reported in the company AIN.UA, “STEP” is the first Ukrainian institution with its own office in the United States.

17 December 2015

««« Employees of Smolensk transport prosecutor’s office on the eve of the fight against corruption met with university students Combat training missions antiterrorist worked for the Russian Navy in the passage of the Suez Canal »»»

Ministry of Education offers scholarships to pay troechnika (Rate get state have those who, despite the poor evaluation, has a positive average score) »»»
From next year, students-troechnikov might have a chance to receive a monthly state stipend, even if they are placed unsatisfactory rating during the session.
I - against free higher education »»»
Interview with the Rector of SFU (the largest and oldest university in the South of Russia) Zakharevich - Vladislav about your beliefs and intentions of the soon to be legends go.
MSU students pay offices because of the crisis on the budget transfer request »»»
The financial and economic crisis has affected the students paid forms of education at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov - they have no money to pay for training in the new semester.
Scholarships will increase by 9%! »»»
Sochi, February 26 - RIA Novosti. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has decided to index the September 1, 2011 student scholarships at 9%.
In Ukraine, about 500 high schools closed »»»
Ukrainian authorities continue reforms in education to obtain a loan from the IMF Elimination of universities in Ukraine plan to start after the completion of the school year.