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Skills and the new phenomena of the Finnish school

In the coming 2016, Finland shall come into force a new educational program. There is even talk about school reform, based on the hot topic of global education, phenomenon-based learning. Trial sessions on the new rules, starting now. “Fontanka” went for a trial lesson at the Helsinki School “Hiidenkivi.”
“Finnish lesson we usually read a textbook, write something - twelve-sixth graders are introduced me to the ropes before school. - Quests do on this text, answer questions …” But it was in the last lesson.

New Finnish lesson lasts almost three hours (with the changes inside). It begins with the fact that everyone in the class stand up and go - go into the room like an assembly hall, and groups of four show homework. It looks like a familiar school initiative, which play the latest news stories. That the death of a famous athlete, one person - a television announcer (with the text on paper), the other - a dead basketball (lying on the floor), third and fourth - the police (figure concerns). Another group of archaeological news (excavated bones). A third - news about refugees (where do without them). Ten minutes from the scenes coped, they returned to class.

Teacher Petteri Elo comes to the board: “From now on you will learn to see something interesting in the news - what can retell to others. And you will learn to seek additional information and to learn to learn something new.”

Skills” here - the key word. It caught him the journalists for the first time he heard about the new Finnish educational program. To practice, not theory, study skills, and not objects - thought this sensation. As if the main thing now is not to write without mistakes, and, say, learn to communicate and speak convincingly.

26 November 2015

««« Estonian President in his address to teachers: The school should help young people in the “correct” explanation of the events and phenomena observed Employees of Smolensk transport prosecutor’s office on the eve of the fight against corruption met with university students »»»

The Russian scientists propose to introduce a new Russian school subject - "Anatomy of human psychology" »»»
Specialists of the National Research Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after the Serbian had taken the initiative to introduce a new discipline.
Leadership in business - a new architectural project for professional development leaders will start in autumn 2008 »»»
A new unique program of Author School of Management Zify Dimitrieva - "Leadership in Business" - will allow managers to go directly to assessment of management skills in the classroom.
Lesson of Tolerance will be held in Russian schools »»»
Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities and Tolerance Center jointly hold nationwide lesson of tolerance, the press service of FADH.
In the United States in 41 states in the schools will not teach children handwriting letter »»»
41 states have adopted the new nation-wide standards for English language teaching in which the recipe is not mandatory.
Taxation in Uzbekistan will be taught in the early grades »»»
The introduction of new training programs will enhance the students knowledge about taxes and their importance as a source of well-being of people and state.