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In Moscow, presented the “Great Universal Dictionary of the Russian language”

At a press conference in Tass it was presented the result of 25 years of work of the Institute of Russian Language. Pushkin, is led by Doctor of Philology V. Morkovkina - polutoratysyachestranichny “Great Universal Dictionary of the Russian language,” which became the “flagship” of the “XXI Century Dictionaries” publishing house AST-Press.

The dictionary features about 30,000 words most commonly used in the modern Russian language, each dictionary article includes interpretation, pronouncing and grammatical reference, usage examples, morphological and etymological analysis.

Speaking at the presentation, Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian Language named Vinogradov (strategic partner of “Dictionary of the XXI century”) Maria Kalenchuk lamented the incredible number of modern vocabularies and their poor quality, and announced the beginning of work on the “universal electronic resource,” the Russian language, oriented not only at the core, but also on the marginal effects of the Russian language.

But it seems dictionary that speakers have already dubbed BUSom (similar to the well-known philologist every bass - more academic vocabulary) just intended to represent the “core”. And so it can be used not only as a normative, but also as a training, both for students and for foreigners learning Russian.

Rector of the State Institute of Russian Language. Pushkin Margarita Rusetskaya noticed that our eyes and our active participation in the birth of a new civilization - “the civilization of displays,” so there is no sense to contrast paper and electronic media, including dictionaries.

Head of the program “XXI Century Dictionaries” Konstantin Derevyanko said that in cooperation with the leading Russian software companies are actively working to translate this and other dictionaries in electronic form - ie the creation of a full-line shell and navigation applications for smartphones. “The culture of work with the dictionary - the basis of a common culture,” - he said.

Presentation dictionary dedicated to the birthday of Vladimir Dal (November 22), whose name has become a symbol of Russian culture in lexicography. Recalling this, director of the State Literary Museum Dmitry Bak announced “the beginning of rebranding Goslitmuzeya” - program lasting about two years, the aim of which would be to rename Goslitmuzeya “Dahl Museum.” After Vladimir Dal - not only an outstanding lexicographer, but also a well-known writer in his time, a close friend of Pushkin (including - witness the last days of his life, he tried to ease the doctor). And, last but not least - a Muscovite with twenty years.

20 November 2015

««« The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has called the school to stop under the disguise of religion lessons Philology Estonian President in his address to teachers: The school should help young people in the “correct” explanation of the events and phenomena observed »»»

In Moscow, destroyed the name of Dante Alighieri Library »»»
The Department of Culture of Moscow has decided to terminate the right of operational management on the premises named Dante Alighieri Library Street.
Orthodox culture plan to introduce into the curriculum of grade 4, at the option instead of the Russian language lessons »»»
The developers of educational standard offered to teach Fundamentals of
Four of the Russian language vocabulary get official status: they are allowed to "delicious coffee" »»»
On September 1, comes into force an order number 195 of the Ministry of Education and Science on June 8.
Rospechat will "rival Wikipedia" »»»
Rospechat announced its intention to launch by the end of 2011 the Internet portal "Knowledge.
Emomali Rahmon said the great importance of the Russian language in Tajikistan »»»
Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon said the great importance of the Russian language for a modern society in Tajikistan.