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The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has called the school to stop under the disguise of religion lessons Philology

“The authors of school textbooks often hidden religious themes in” Culture “or” art “or, even more strange - in the” Folk Customs “, reducing the religious phenomenon of his people in folklore, just as a scientific specialty” theology “not having enter immediately try to hide under the history, philosophy, philology and culture “, - he explained the priest.

The Patriarch added that, as the legacy of the Soviet past not completely stamped out, there are many difficulties for the implementation of the discipline “theology.” “Theology is already included in the classifier scientific specialties, approved passport of the specialty, but we are told:” thesis on the theology you can not defend, and degrees will be awarded in related disciplines “,” - he said.

The priest offered to admit that Russia’s history is inseparable from the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, which has played an important role in the formation of statehood and cultural identity.

In January 2015, the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) approved theology as an academic discipline. At the same time the chairman of the WAC Vladimir Filippov said that candidates and doctors of theology in Russia does not appear.

19 November 2015

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In the Russian Orthodox Church to the Minister of Education
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Institute for Bible Translation, by popular demand of the faithful from Yakutia prepared and issued an extra edition of the New Testament in Yakut in the amount of 8000 copies.
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The Orthodox Church believes that the single state examination (USE) is contrary to Russian traditions.