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Lesson of Tolerance will be held in Russian schools

Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities and Tolerance Center jointly hold nationwide lesson of tolerance, the press service of FADH.
“The first step in the framework of cooperation will be the preparation and distribution of teaching materials for the educational institutions Russian lessons of tolerance, coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Tolerance November 16,” - said in a statement.
According to the project organizers, the purpose of the lesson - the formation of students’ positive civic identity, active social position of tolerance and culture of peace.
For the campaign has developed a number of special programs for younger students (grades 1-4), middle (grades 5-8) and high school (grades 9-11).
“The lesson of tolerance - a global educational project to promote tolerance in society and the prevention of interethnic conflicts. We hope that the lessons on this topic, which will be held in the schools of Russia in the International Day for Tolerance, will be a successful start in the implementation of other educational and research programs in the framework of cooperation and Tolerance Center of the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities “, - said General Director of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Centre in the field of psychology and pedagogy of tolerance Alexander Boroda.
As part of the lesson the students will get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world will see the similarity of the main systems of values ​​and ideas among different peoples and cultures, as well as learn how to write the word “peace” in 86 languages.
In high school Lesson of Tolerance is aimed, first and foremost, on the formation of intercultural competence and understanding of the laws governing the construction of intercultural dialogue.

16 November 2015

««« In Mordovia November 12, 2015 teacher of Russian and literature passed the exam. The region was the first where anonymous testing knowledge of all teachers Metropolitan Mercury offered to teach the basics of Orthodoxy in schools, all 11 years old »»»

All-Russian cybersecurity lessons in schools will become annual »»»
The past for the first time in 2014, the All-Russian lesson for students on Internet security decided on a regular basis.
The government will instill a love of Caucasian youth of Russia for the taxpayers' money »»»
Ministry of Regional Development and Ministry of Education schools offer a five-run in the North Caucasus republics of Russia a pilot program.
Opened a school studying urban problems »»»
We hasten to inform you that in February 2015 in Moscow began its work public school youth study and research of urban problems.
School children with disabilities will be taught via the Internet »»»
In Bashkortostan, Russia's first operating center for distance learning disabled children.
Specialists Smolenskenergo conduct lessons for energy saving schools of Smolensk »»»
In September Smolensk Energy have launched a series of lessons on energy efficiency that employees spend in the schools of the city of Smolensk.