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In Mordovia November 12, 2015 teacher of Russian and literature passed the exam. The region was the first where anonymous testing knowledge of all teachers

In Mordovia passed the Uniform State Exam - not only the graduates, and the teacher of Russian language and literature. The region was the first in which tests knowledge of all teachers - the Ministry of Education say that all - for the sake of an accurate assessment - what is strong and what is weak teachers.

According to the Deputy Minister of Education of Mordovia Soldatova Helen, this is done in order to help overcome the difficulties is still facing the teacher.

The technology - the standard for the USE. Teachers were asked to surrender, even mobile phones. Some differences - instead of three hours, the teachers wrote a total of 60 minutes, so the task was expelled from the essay. The main innovation - the teacher can not sign their work - to study the general level of knowledge that does not matter. Even the results of those who have signed up - management of schools do not know. All this - for the sake of the purity of the experiment. In fact, after the Russian language will be the turn of mathematics, and later - and other items.

According to the results of this study will be made a social and professional portrait of a teacher of Russian language and primary school teachers, showing the age level of the teaching corps, education level, and how often they pass refresher courses.

On their own skin

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13 November 2015

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