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Students EU decide “how many refugees will be faced with a raft of”

“Calculate how many refugees will be faced with a raft to get to the goal, if one weighs 60 kg,” - so begins the task, dictated by a teacher of physics students in the Polish school.

Department of Education in Poland is investigating information that appeared intolerant teachers of physics at the White Stokes, who suggested the children to solve the problem of “expulsion of refugees overboard.”

“Four refugees from Syria are trying to swim to Greece on a raft of 1 mx 2 mx 20 cm and g to 800 kg / m3. Calculate how many refugees will be faced with a raft to get to the goal, if one weighs 60 kg,” - says maintenance tasks dictated by the school teacher to his students, according to local newspaper Gazety Wyborczej.

Post to Facebook photo notebook containing “murderous refugee” problem in Physics mother of one of the students commented on a picture with the words: “Unfortunately, it’s true.”

This position in the social network has caused an uproar among the public figures. Some Poles, of course, made the comments in support of the teacher, stating the need to implement the conditions of the problem. However, most users do not agree and called horrible and inexcusable problem for educationalists.

According to the article, the teacher later apologized for the “bad example.” He said that he “has nothing against the reception of refugees.”

Reporters learned that the incident occurred at the end of September and the teacher pressure perturbed parents went through a “disciplinary discussion” with the school principal. At the trial ended.

However, some parents felt that the school decided to hush up the scandal, self-reported to the local Department of Education. Decide the fate of politically correct teachers should in the near future.

11 November 2015

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