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November 1983: on the verge of a third world

In the long history of the Cold War it has been quiet, and vice versa extremely tense episodes. Some of them are shrouded in secrecy, such as the one that nearly ended the third world. Yes, during the Cuban crisis, the world held its breath. But you should pay attention in November 1983 when the US and the Soviet Union almost started a nuclear war.

In the early 1980s the Soviet sphere of influence fell against the background of revolts in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic) and the economy is in recession. The United States also experienced a heavy blow after the Vietnam War and the oil crisis. In 1981, they chose the ambitious President Ronald Reagan, who resumed a policy of supporting anti-communist movements. Hollywood joined the American propaganda machine against the backdrop of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Tensions soared again.

Highest point it reached in November 1983 in connection with the exercise of NATO in Eastern Europe. A few years earlier the Soviet Union installed missiles SS-10, capable of striking European neighbors. This threat was perceived allies seriously and pushed them to the to flex its muscles, especially during exercise Able Archer 83, which gave rise to the USSR panic surreal. It should be noted that they looked very realistic and related to the potential use of nuclear weapons.

This period was dedicated in 1990 composed a secret US report, which is released on October 14 this year. He finally gives the answer, whether the fear of Moscow’s sincere or just a bluff. “In 1983, we inadvertently led our relations with the Soviet Union in a state of anxiety,” - said in it.

In the face of rising tensions and a variety of diplomatic incidents in the Soviet Union they were convinced that the US is preparing a nuclear attack under the guise of training exercises. Guide ordered to put in a state of alert aircraft in East Germany and Poland, and has stepped up military intelligence instructed KGB agents around the world to monitor signs of the coming impact. “Everything points to the fact that the threat was real, at least in the view of the USSR”, - the report says.

But what is the reason for such behavior is that the NATO conducts similar exercises every year? “We Able Archer 83 was somewhat provocative innovations that could be perceived in the Soviet Union as the preparation of impact.” In particular, this applies to sending a significant number of people in Europe, radio silence, the transfer of command of the Chief of Staff in the alternative and “reservations”, of which it was possible to make a conclusion about the future bombings.

5 November 2015

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