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November 1, 2015 Academy of practical magic and divination are happy to open its doors in Saratov

Announces a seminar for all those wishing to explore the wonderful world of magic and divination. You will learn many new and surprising for myself,
You learn about the different types of divination and fortune-telling, as well as be able to communicate with specialists.
The conference will be set for the first year of the candidates who want to discover new opportunities and abilities,
to know the mysteries of life and the universe, learn and discover the talents.
The Academy of magic and divination is ready to open for you the wonderful world of secret, will possess esoteric knowledge and skills,
develop your psychic abilities, learn the secrets and the secret teachings of ancient civilizations, to improve their lives in all aspects
from private life to the material well-being and health.
The program includes:
- Workshops with practicing magicians and experts of the occult sciences.
- General history of ancient civilizations and esoteric teachings.
- Fundamentals of magic.
- Communication and master classes from experts and practicing magicians mediums.
- Fundamentals of divination by the Tarot cards.
- Fundamentals of divination runes.
- Opportunities rune magic and tradition of the northern teaching.
- The essence and the possibility of love magic.
- The program of healing and rejuvenation.
- Becoming a magician and the formation of the path of the teachings of the northern tradition.
- The practice of creating magic amulets and talismans.
- Photo session for participants.
Requirements: men and women, age 30 years and older.
Applications for participation and accreditation sent before October 25, 2015

13 October 2015

««« In Russia, we have collected more than 10 thousand signatures for the return of astronomy into school curricula MAYKOR-GMCS and Penza University agree on cooperation »»»

Online school opens new opportunities for disabled children »»»
Remote general education opens up new opportunities for disabled children.
Church asks to take seriously their participation in the development of educational programs »»»
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II said that
What if there was a school where there are no teachers, where there is one for all programs where there are no textbooks, in which you can insert bookmarks? And classrooms: why are they in school? »»»
Traditional education assumes that you - an individual, a separate entity, the entity that learns and understands the world.
Scholarship Program of Vladimir Potanin »»»
February 4, the city of Yekaterinburg launched the selection of fellows Vladimir Potanin Foundation.
Scientists have told us why men more often than women think about sex »»»
According to statistics, men think about sex more often than women.