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In Russia, we have collected more than 10 thousand signatures for the return of astronomy into school curricula

In Russia, we have already collected more than 10 thousand signatures for the return of astronomy into school curricula. This was reported Trend. TASS Alice Ponikarova, deputy chairman of the Youth interregional public organization “Mir”. Astronomy excluded from school subjects in Russian schools since 1994.

“We are collecting signatures on all the events dedicated to the popularization of cosmonautics, and on the streets. Already collected more than 10 thousand signatures in different cities of Russia”, - said Ponikarova.

“The question of the return to school of astronomy has repeatedly raised and will be raised again and again, until it is resolved,” - he told reporters the executive secretary of the organizing committee for the Public celebration the 55th anniversary of the first manned flight into space Nikolai Dmitriev. According to him, the process of collecting signatures will be activated in the remaining months before the 55th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight. “The Return of astronomy will be a good focus of the jubilee year”, - says Dmitriev.
“If astronomy once again become the subject of school, students studying the disciplines of space profile will be faster to get in trouble, and to engage in serious research,” - said Mikhail Ohochinsky, scientific secretary of the Baltic State Technical University “Voenmech” them. Ustinov. “When asked what the distance from the Earth to the Moon, will not hang long pause. The interest in the boys huge space, but astronomical knowledge is not enough,” - he said, describing the freshmen “Voenmech” this year.

5 October 2015

««« The imposition of the public and pulling to the legal term “Stalinist repression” is none other than the artificial creation of a political stamp, pursuing anti-Russian political and geopolitical objectives. November 1, 2015 Academy of practical magic and divination are happy to open its doors in Saratov »»»

Researchers are asked to return to school astronomy: the graduates did not know that revolves around what - the Earth around the Sun or the Sun around the Earth »»»
Representatives of the scientific community appealed to the Russian Ministry of Education to return the item in the school program "Astronomy".
Bring astronomy to school! Is there a direct correlation between lack of astronomy in the school and the proliferation of so-called pseudo-science, which are now so popular? »»»
K. LARINA: First would like to ask you whether you can talk about any implications of the elimination of astronomy in schools as a compulsory subject?
Scientists came up with an open letter to the introduction of defense in the school »»»
The scientific community has taken the initiative of the open
Teacher - tyrants triggered an epidemic of suicides in the Ural school: five years of killing five children »»»
In the city of Sverdlovsk region Polevskoy prosecutors investigating the suicide of eighth-grade student Sasha Firsov.
Congratulations on the 1st of September. In the five years covered 13 thousand schools (successful national project "Education" in action) »»»
After the collapse of the USSR, Russia has been closed for more than 19 thousand rural schools.