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Lavrov: UN - a unique mechanism of international cooperation, Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council on the law of the country’s founding

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with the Deputy Director General of TASS Mikhail Gusman told about the main qualities of a diplomat, the reform of the UN Security Council, the secrets of the “Russian House” building of the United Nations and the election of a new Secretary General of the United Nations.

- What is special jubilee session of the United Nations, marking the 70th anniversary of the Organization, except that it is an anniversary: ​​what format, what decisions it is supposed to take? What do you personally expect from this session?

- First of all, the United Nations - an organization with its unique legitimacy, the only mechanism for international cooperation that is based on the firm ground of international law and covers all without exception spheres of human activity: military-political, security, conflict resolution, development of economic and humanitarian cooperation, and also it has a very important function - to modernize international law.

There is a special committee, which is engaged. 70th anniversary of the UN, of course, is the date that requires thinking not only in terms of what is done, or the lessons we should have learned over the decades, but also from the point of view of the future. The lessons are clear to all.

At its base was the Soviet Union as one of the three most active participants in the process of formation of this approach. Immediately after the conclusion of the Belavezha Accords RSFSR Russia became one of the first and the main steps of Russian diplomacy was notified that Russia is a successor of the Soviet Union in respect of all obligations arising from the Charter of the United Nations. We have fully supported this approach colleagues in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which is its infancy at the time, and is fully supported by all members of the international community. So our continued permanent membership of the UN Security Council means that all of Russia is perceived as a country - the founder of the United Nations.
70-year anniversary is inextricably linked with the lessons we have learned since the Second World War, with the efforts that are now most states have taken in order to prevent revive the hateful ideology of fascism and Nazism.

This will be the subject of another resolution, which Russia, together with dozens of collaborators annually promotes the UN General Assembly - to prevent the glorification of Nazism, new forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and all man-hating ideologies.
In addition, the session will be full of events. Just before the debate on general political issues of international life, which will be attended by heads of state held a summit on sustainable development, which will adopt a new 15-year program for the period up to 2030, covering the international efforts to address the problems in the sphere of economy and finance in close connection with the solution of social problems and problems in the field of environmental protection.

14 September 2015

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