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The Constitution does not allow Rotenberg create “educational state corporation”

Specialized agencies have questioned the need to create a state corporation for the development of educatio[t:tag slug=prosveshhenie]education. It is reported RBC with reference to the answer to the proposal of the Head Offices of the publishing house “Education”, the board of directors is headed by Arkady Rotenberg.

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) is not ready to assess the feasibility of another state corporation simply because the proposal has not worked, no substantive provisions. The report MED said that sponsors of the proposal had failed to conduct analysis of the problems and did not provide the tasks that the new corporation would be addressed. Also, lack of strategy and feasibility study of the project. The Office also notes that the desire of the head of “Enlightenment” to ensure “the effectiveness of the ideological” contrary to the Constitution, which recognizes ideological diversity in Russia.

The Ministry of Finance questioned the need for more “localization effort,” said the current Office program to promote education and related fields is quite sufficient. As an example, the Ministry of Finance leads the program: “Our new school”, CPU development of education, the federal program “Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia”, state program “Accessible Environment”, state program “Development of education.” Therefore, the creation of the state corporation “for the same purpose, according to the Ministry of Finance, it is impractical.” Moreover, the Ministry of Finance is confident that the granting of powers of the state corporation for the production of furniture, clothing and other goods could lead to monopolization of the market in those areas where there is competition, which is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Ministry of Industry in a brief recall “in terms of their competence, suggestions and comments are not allowed.”

The Ministry of Education has not yet submitted its comment. The Minister Dmitry Livanov intends to discuss this issue in the public council at the Ministry of Education.

With the creation of the state corporation previously made by the head of the publishing house “Education” Vladimir Uzun. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the question “to work.”

10 September 2015

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