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New Russia in the American 165 years ago by the United States rooted in Mexico

At the beginning of XIX century Europe first took an active part in the Napoleonic wars, and then recovering from them. Meanwhile, in the overseas possessions of the powerful it was also not easy. One of the countries that have gained independence, became Mexico. It happened in 1821, when representatives of the liberation movement declared the country an empire. Empire lasted only two years, and, as usual, soon fell, and became a republic.

In this area of ​​the then independent Mexico it was huge - it included and California, and Texas.
But human resources for the development of these lands from Mexico was not. But a lot of enthusiasts gathered in the United States. Young country barely had time to purchase from France of its territory, with a total area of ​​about 2.1 km2 as its citizens have begun to actively explore the Mexican land. Naturally, the conflict between the Mexican authorities and US settlers appeared, and then sharpened. The biggest problem was the abolition of slavery in Mexico, with which many Americans who settled in the Mexican territory, could not agree.

Especially actively protested against such measures Yucatan and Texas residents. The last in 1836 announced the separation from Mexico and declared the Republic of Texas. Residents of Yucatan Texans have followed 4 years later. And if the inhabitants of Yucatan unauthorized Mexicans managed to overcome, the suppression of the young republic of Texas from Mexico could be no force.

Officially, the United States did not participate in the conflict, but hundreds of volunteers from across the United States with weapons sent to the territory of the breakaway republic. It should be noted that they were able to give quite successful resistance to the Mexican regular army until 1844.

And in 1844 to come to power in the US Democrats, who, unlike the Republicans, actively advocated the annexation of Texas. And the relationship between the states deteriorated completely. Around the same time, a successful example of Texas looked in sunny California, where he also actively spread separatist sentiment. In Mexico, one of the government is replaced by another, so what is happening in remote areas of Mexico City, was actually no one to follow.

The real war between the US and Mexico began to put events March 8, 1846, when American troops sent to Texas in 1845, moved to the territory of Mexico. Officially, the US war has been declared a month later. Moreover, the United States responded to Mexico, his declaration of war and that later - only in May.

Meanwhile, active operations against the Mexican Army began the residents of California, announced in mid-June 1846 on the formation of the Republic of California.

Republic existed for long - already in July in California came to American troops, and instead self-proclaimed state flag was flying over the territory of an American flag already.

9 September 2015

««« September 7, 1945 Berlin hosted the Victory Parade The Constitution does not allow Rotenberg create “educational state corporation” »»»

September 16, Mexico celebrates its national holiday - Independence Day »»»
On this day in 1810, the country started a popular uprising, grew into a war for the independence of Mexico from Spain.
July 4 U.S. Independence Day »»»
Independence Day (Independence Day) is considered the birthday of the United States as a free and independent country.
United States Special Forces troops in agreement with the authorities of Moldova helps repair the grammar school in Chisinau №2 »»»
"In hotels in the capital really is possible to meet American troops, but not special forces, and engineering troops of North Carolina.
September 2, 1945 aboard the US battleship "Missouri" was signed Japanese Instrument of Surrender. Thus ended the Second World War »»»
June 26, 1945 anti-Japanese coalition allies: China, the US and Britain put forward the conditions of the surrender of Japan in the document entitled "Potsdam Declaration".
In the 30 U.S. states have passed more than 100 student demonstrations »»»
Crowd: Money for jobs and training, rather than on the war and occupation!