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The government has offered to teach students the fight against corruption

Expert Council under the Government proposed to introduce an experiment in schools of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and Barnaul course of lessons on anti-corruption issues. Lessons will be scheduled for the high school students. This was reported on the website of Open Government.

In addition, in the same cities for the parents of students grades 6-11 are invited to hold a special session on “How to talk to children about corruption“, and high schools in the program as a pilot project to include the course “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Policy.” Experts believe that such lectures can be read for students of humanitarian, technical professions and in business schools.

Develop proposals requested the Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzov. “To tell the citizens about the dangers of corruption should be from a young age, just from school, without waiting until the children grow up, and themselves begin to give and take bribes,” - are reported to his words.

It is also noted that one of the priorities of the National Anti-Corruption Plan for 2014-2015, approved by the president, is a general and vocational education on relevant topics.

In late July, it was reported that a court in Dmitrov, Moscow region decided to enter in the register of banned sites, which tells how to give a bribe. In the same month, the official representative of the Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said that damage from corruption-related crimes in Russia is about 40 billion rubles a year.

In the ranking of corruption by the end of 2014 the international organization Transparency International placed Russia on the 136th place, along with Nigeria, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and Cameroon. According to previous research, the Russian Federation was in the 127th line.

1 September 2015

««« He painted from floor to ceiling: Yekaterinburg 90-year-old watchman turned the school into an art gallery September 2, 1945 aboard the US battleship “Missouri” was signed Japanese Instrument of Surrender. Thus ended the Second World War »»»

Higher education corruption (Almost half of the students faced with bribes teachers) »»»
Many Russian universities bribes teachers to become almost the norm.
Russian students in terms of knowledge were at 41 in the world »»»
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has summed up the global ranking fourth school PISA-2009.
Army officials sent to listen to anti-corruption lectures, training costs 25 000 rubles for each official »»»
Several agencies in Russia decided to send their employees on anti-corruption training courses.
Employees of Smolensk transport prosecutor's office on the eve of the fight against corruption met with university students »»»
On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day, established by the UN General Assembly.
In Zhukovsky, students engaged in literature under their desks »»»
Pre-investigation checks against the director of school № 2 and a teacher of Russian language and literature.