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He painted from floor to ceiling: Yekaterinburg 90-year-old watchman turned the school into an art gallery

- I spent the last three months of school[/[t:tag slug=uchilishhe]school. All paint and draw. It is that 10 days is almost not sleep - it was necessary to have time to finish everything for the new academic year.

Valery Khramov 90 years. The last 25 he works in the 168th school. At first he taught art, and then got a job as a watchman, but the draw did not. Painted on all three floors of the institution walls, turning the school into a dreamlike world. So much so that sometimes the first-graders spend a tour of his “gallery”.

- That the work on the first floor is devoted to the seasons - tells us the Temples. - It teaches students to protect nature. I have been through these pictures tell them, “Do you like nature, it is - the source of our life.” Shows the interaction of man and nature. For example, a forest ranger on duty, monitoring the cleanliness and safety of the forest, the animals grow. That mother-bear catches a fish and feed their cubs. But about my story: I worked in the School of Arts and educated young artists. It depicted our activity in the open air.

Valery said that the paint started in childhood. In 16 years, I have written on the walls of the two-bedroom apartment episodes of the Soviet-Finnish war. But in the pilot I decided to study at the same time engaged in struggle. Before the competition training, jumped up pressure, and examination flying young Khramov not allowed, given two years to rest.

- I was walking once on the street, I thought nothing of that of flying will not go back. And I ran into my friend with a sketchbook. He said that studying at Art College. I always drew, and I was so hurt that he devoted his life to the beloved, and I gave up. I found the address school and went to do in December, and the director told me that late - should come next year. I wanted to become an artist that went along with the students into pairs and drew what was going on. When finished, I come back to the director and brought the work. He looked at them and immediately issued the order on creation of the examination committee for me. I think it was the only such case in the history of the school. I was taken. And my thesis was one of the best on the course.

28 August 2015

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