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The Russian military-historical society creates an analogue of “Wikipedia”

The Russian military-historical society (RVIO) create analogue of “Wikipedia” - Russian historical encyclopedia (”Ripediya“), information on which will test the scientists and historians. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

“Russian Internet users, making a request to the search engine, most often falls on the” Wikipedia “. Some of the material there are well made, but there are a lot of articles with errors, because to come in and fix has the ability to absolutely anyone,” - said one of the creators Project “Ripediya” historian Marina Bobkov, noting that she is a professor of MGIMO often suffers from the fact that students are unverified information from “Wikipedia”.

It is reported that at the time of the launch site “Ripedii” will be posted articles from the Great Russian Encyclopedia, Orthodox Encyclopedia, two volumes of the Encyclopedia of History, and about 4 thousand. Articles copyright. Total in the first month will be available approximately 24 thousand. Papers. In the course of the project is expected to rewrite the encyclopedic articles and supplement.

Particularly emphasized that the person who wants to be able to write in the “Ripediyu” will have to send the administration a resource own historical article for publication. After verification and approval by the professional historians article will be published, and its author will be one of the experts online encyclopedia.

“I’m sure RVIO will attract for writing articles of professionals, serious people, knowledgeable in their field. Therefore, the credibility of this source will be slightly higher than that to the beloved” Wikipedia “in which writing is not always experts in a particular field” - said the deputy chairman of the Public Chamber on pre-school, general and secondary education, history teacher Andrew Lukutin.

Recall that in the night of 25 August, Russian Internet providers started blocking “Wikipedia” because of an article containing information about forbidden drugs. “Wikipedia” has refused to remove an article. As an online resource uses an encrypted protocol, the operators were not able to identify only one page to block. Thus the whole site turned out to be unavailable.

However, later removed Roskomnadzor “Wikipedia” from the register of prohibited resources, because the information in the article on Narcotic Drugs “charas” was edited and no longer violates the requirements of the Russian legislation.

27 August 2015

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