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Mizulina ask the Prosecutor General to study the covers of school notebooks

The head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Elena Mizulina prepared a request to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to check the covers of school notebooks with questionable content. This was reported on the site of parliament.

“Features of the child’s mind is such that the child takes everything literally, he was not able to guess the hidden meanings in a joke, placed in one of the notebooks:” Quit - get up on skis! And instead of cancer is a hernia! “” - Explained Mizulina. According to her, in profile Duma committee receives many complaints from parents who are dissatisfied with pictures and inscriptions on the covers.

MP reminded about the existence of the federal law “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development.” As noted Mizulina, the document states that “any information that is prohibited or restricted for distribution to children should not be placed in textbooks, textbooks and notebooks.” Responsibility for failure to comply with the law is on the producers and distributors of such products to.

“Check all the shops and all the products very difficult. Therefore, manufacturers and distributors primarily themselves must take care of the safety of their products to children. Why the law is not enforced - will understand,” - said the parliamentarian.

In October 2014 the State Duma deputy Konstantin Subbotin proposed to protect children from products using harmful to their mental images, in particular, on notebooks, and backpacks with a skull. According to the legislator, such products should not be allowed to sell.

In September of that year, prosecutors Orenburg region is checked in connection with the discovery in the shops of the city school diaries with obscene graffiti on the cover.

In the same month in the retail outlets of Yekaterinburg were blogs on one page which has been portrayed Adolf Hitler. City prosecutors did not find in the printed product of extremism, but noted that such images could “harm the moral and moral development of children” and recommended that the publisher “to take measures to prevent violations of the law.”

26 August 2015

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