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15 years ago sank “Kursk” submarine. The bright memory of sailors Severomorsk!

August 12, 2000 nuclear submarine K-141 “Kursk” (Project 949A “Antey”, commander - Captain First Rank Gennady Lyachin) of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy took part in naval exercises in the Barents Sea. On board was a crew of staff, a group of officers and civilian staff of the division specialists of the plant “Dagdizel” (the city of Kaspiysk, Dagestan) - A total of 118 people. Around 11 in the morning in the area of ​​the maneuvers was recorded two underwater explosions. After a few hours the boat does not contact, search activities were organized.
August 13 sonar equipment cruiser “Peter the Great” found at the bottom of the K-141, which lies at a depth of 108 m. The rescue operation has begun, but the underwater vehicles have not been able to dock the submarine. The operation complicated the storm in the Barents Sea, a strong undercurrent and poor visibility. August 19 operation was international - acceded to the Norwegian court Seaway Eagle and Normand Pioneer British rescue unit. 21 August Norwegian divers opened the bottom of the ninth compartment hatch and found that all were on board the boat were killed.

August 26, 2000 the commander of the “Kursk” Gennady Lyachin posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia, and 117 crew members were on a submarine specialist posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.
In October and November 2000 were raised to the surface of a body of 12 members of the crew of “Kursk”. Later on the boat were recovered 103 bodies of sailors, the remains of three people were found. July 15, 2001 began the operation to lift the boat. The first compartment was separated and left at the bottom of the sea (a year later underwent surgery to lift its fragments). October 8, 2001 the submarine was raised to the surface in April 2002 - sent to the shipyard “Nerpa” for disposal.
The media put forward a large number of different versions of what happened, including the most fantastic. July 26, 2002 Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov at a press conference announced the results of investigating the causes of the disaster. The investigation found the explosion occurred in the torpedo tube №4 due to a leak of hydrogen peroxide (component torpedo fuel) due to micro-cracks in the hull of the torpedo; later exploded were in the bay racking with other torpedoes. The survivors retreated 23 sailor in the 9th compartment, where he died a day later.

After the death of “Kursk” was demoted and then resigned Commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, Chief of Staff of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Mikhail Motsak, commander of the submarine flotilla, Vice Admiral Oleg Burtsev. Total results of the investigation have been fired or demoted 14 high-ranking officers of the Navy.

12 August 2015

««« The RT opened University Talent British media have published photos of the special camps, where soldiers of the battalion “Azov” teach children to shoot »»»

Combat training missions antiterrorist worked for the Russian Navy in the passage of the Suez Canal »»»
Large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Northern Fleet (NF) "Vice-Admiral Kulakov.
The ships of the Russian Navy, carrying cruise missiles "Caliber", from 15 August to begin teaching in the Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea »»»
Russian naval strike group (IBM) from 15 August to begin tactical exercises in the eastern Mediterranean.
The Jews are asked to recognize the head of military intelligence Reich of the Righteous »»»
Yesterday, representatives of the Chabad Center filed a memorial "Yad Vashem" a formal petition to recognize the head of the Abwehr.
In Russia celebrate the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea fleet at the Battle of Cape Tendra in the war against the Turks for the Crimea »»»
Day of military glory - the 225th anniversary of the victory of the Black Sea Fleet squadron under the command of Rear Admiral Fyodor Ushakov over the Turks at Cape Tendra mark in today's Russia.
Judge of the disaster in Kazan in civil aviation completely destroyed the concept of "organization of flight operations" »»»
Test pilot, an expert on investigations of flight accidents Vladimir Gerasimov said the first results of RBC decrypt the black boxes of the crashed plane in Kazan Boeing.