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RF IC issued a “White Paper” on crimes in the south-eastern Ukraine

Investigative Committee of Russia, edited by its chairman Alexander Bastrykin published “White book of crimes committed in the south-east of Ukraine.”
Told Tass the official representative of IC Vladimir Markin, “this book is unique - it is based on evidence gathered by the Committee in the investigation of crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare.”

The book contains testimonies of participants of events, photographs and materials of international organizations, to fix the evidence of war crimes in the region.
Markin said that the book is designed to attract the attention of the international community and international human rights organizations to egregious acts of violence against civilians, especially against women and children, to encourage the international community to become more active on the peaceful settlement of the conflict.
“We have the material in the book is an objective analysis of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine from the perspective of human rights and the rule of law”, - said the representative of the UK.
“The armed conflict in the south-east of Ukraine, unleashed political and military leadership of the country has led to horrific consequences - destroyed entire villages, destroyed infrastructure and life-support systems, the huge civilian casualties, an endless stream of refugees, forced to leave the areas of fighting” - said in his opening remarks, the Chairman of the UK Alexander Bastrykin.

He noted that “not only as violation of the international norms relating to the protection of civilians in time of war, can be called deliberate destruction of the Russian-speaking population of entire regions, the use against civilians of heavy offensive weapons, shot the shelling of hospitals, schools and kindergartens.”
“Punitive stripping settlements, killings of women and children, abductions and killings of journalists, torture of civilians and prisoners shock to the heart of every normal person”, - added the head of the UK.
In this regard, the UK is committed to carefully record all crimes committed nationalist battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the evidence of violations of human rights and the most basic rights - the right to life. “We will promptly initiate criminal cases against war criminals and nationalists. These criminal cases are investigated thoroughly as possible, so that the perpetrators caught up just retribution. To do this in the UK created specialized office to investigate crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, to work which involved all the investigative division SC, to the territory of which the refugees come, “- said Bastrykin.

3 August 2015

««« In Alabino held the opening ceremony of the first international games Army 2015 (Live) The RT opened University Talent »»»

More than 100 children have suffered at the hands of teachers of criminals in 2009 »»»
The investigating authorities of Russia for five months of this year brought 131 criminal charges of crimes against students, committed teachers or other persons with their connivance.
The Hague court has refused to accept the claim of Palestinians, "the PA - not the state" »»»
The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Jose Luis Moreno-Ocampo said that the Palestinian Authority can not file complaints against Israel in this structure.
In the civilian Russian universities will train up to 40% of the officers - Ministry of Defence »»»
About 40% of officers for the Armed Forces from 2011 will be prepared for civilian universities in the country, said Chief of Department of Defense Ministry of Education Catherine Priezzheva.
Schoolboy brutally murdered in St. Petersburg »»»
"The body of a student 6th grade with a traumatic brain injury, stab wounds and signs of sexual assault found in the house 14 street Kustodiev.
Medvedev Duma hastened to attend to the rights of the child: now the state can not protect children »»»
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urged the Duma to take urgent amendments to the Law "On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation.