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Journalism faculty of Moscow State University: “Crimea is not ours, Russia is waging war in Ukraine”

The last creative competition at the Faculty of Journalism shocked some parents. At the oral stage of the creative contest a abiturientok asked how she felt about the fact that Russia is waging war on the territory of Ukraine. Minor arriving said that did not hear that her country to belong to whatever war. On one of the examiners he said that it is poorly prepared to enter because they do not follow the news. This, argued the examiner, speak and write the last year all media.

The other minor entrant examiners asked what his political orientation. “I have not decided yet,” - said the incoming. “So until retirement can not be recognized,” - he said to him and made it clear that the conversation was over.

Scandals with a clear allusion to corruption component for several years pursuing journalism at Moscow State University. With the advent of the post of Dean of the Faculty of Elena Vartanova they appear, can only grow. This means not only commercially, but also political: everyone who comes to journalism knows that he is always free will “otovaritsya” fresh copy of “Novaya Gazeta” and “Vedomosti”. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” and “News” wall of journalism do not remember for a long time …

In the written part of the creative contest a large number of students with high scores on the exam literature and Russian language, received between 0 and 10 points. The technology used for journalism, is clear: first of all be excluded from the competition all those with high scores on the exam to ensure they could pass on the contest, apparently the children the “right” people. So it was swept away about a hundred students. It is clear that these actions are a hundred percent contrary to the requirements of President attentive to talented high school graduates. But it is not contrary to their own convictions and interests?

When displaying the work of teachers could not explain what exactly put low scores. When and tried, the output funny enough: a request to show “a large number” stylistic errors identified in the review, one of the teacher of journalism students could specify only two. At the same time one of them could not have anything to stylistic shortcomings.

On the results of the art contest was filed, allegedly entrants, more than 100 appeals. And if the show works ended at 15.00 on Sunday, has already filed an appeal at 16.00 handed out pre-printed answers.

How could teachers per hour (including, apparently, lunch, and transition from one to another building of Moscow State University), check out these one hundred works, it was difficult to clarify. None of filing an appeal has not been changed, no score. It should be noted that the primary creative works written tests checked more than a week ………

24 July 2015

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