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RVIO posted a net newsreels and documents, including previously classified, the trials of Nazis

As part of the Internet project “Soviet Nuremberg” The Russian military-historical society (RVIO) began publication of documents of the public trials of Nazi criminals and their accomplices, who were held in the USSR in 1943-1949 years. Most of the material, including previously classified documents department of the Federal Security Service, is published in the public domain for the first time.

In addition to the 21 documents of the trial in the Soviet Union (descriptions of interrogations, confrontations and examinations) RVIO publish lawsuits newsreels and photographs of criminals. Some of these frames were featured in a short time after the end of World War II, but since then they practically demonstrated.

- This material has been provided for display in movie theaters, as a means of agitation, - he told “Izvestiya” one of the authors of the project, Ph.D., Dmitry Astashkin. - Each process works operators and photographers, among whom were eminent artists. For example, the process of Smolensk filming Esther Shub and operator of Leningrad was Yefim teacher - father of the famous film director Alexei Uchitel.

Project launch is timed to the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal. The authors of “Soviet Nuremberg” emphasize that the Soviet Union began to try Nazi war criminals long before the international judicial process, and note the importance of the project for the understanding of the Great Patriotic War.

- People who have been convicted at the Nuremberg trials, - a drop in the sea of ​​the Nazi criminals who were not punished - said, “Izvestia” scientific director Michael RVIO soft. - Of course, this project - the memory of the war, from which the world should draw the appropriate conclusions.

RVIO also lay out in the open access documents of the Extraordinary State Commission for Investigation of Nazi crimes, which included such well-known public and cultural figures, as the writer Alexei Tolstoy, Nikolai Burdenko neurosurgeon and chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Andrei Zhdanov.

Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Doctor of Political Sciences Julius Nisnevich noted the importance of the publication of classified documents about the trials. However, in his opinion, there were “far more serious documents, the publication of which is also needed.”

- Half of these processes was purely propaganda. Much more important than the pictures themselves crimes - said in a conversation with Nisnevich edition. - It is necessary to open the Second World War in general all documents, including those relating to collaborators, detachments and management Counterintelligence “Smersh”. Surely there are documents relating to the early days of the war and the plundering of Koenigsberg. It is important to see and that is to do effective managers of people who ruined lives. In the end, losing the people who hide their history.

23 July 2015

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