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Gerard Depardieu joins a list of 600 cultural figures, threatening Ukraine’s security: Now the name of Depardieu forbidden to mention in the media, and his films are removed from the box office

Depardieu was in the list of undesirable persons in Ukraine, which includes 600 cultural figures “from around the world.”
French media reported that actor and supporter of Putin’s Gerard Depardieu was in the “black list” of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and is now a persona non grata in the country. I wrote about this edition of Ouest-France.
“The French actor Gerard Depardieu was included in the” black list “of Ukraine. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine believes that it is a” national security threat “- the newspaper notes.
It is reported that Depardieu appeared in the list of undesirable persons in Ukraine, which included 600 workers of culture “around the world” - they are forbidden not only to visit the country, but also to broadcast the films in which they participate.
“The list will be published on August 3,” - says the publication. The publication may be that such punishment Depardieu “deserved” because of its location to Putin and statements about Ukraine. In particular, the statement referred to the actor during the film festival in Latvia, where he stated that “loves Russia and Ukraine, which is part of Russia.”
Note that during this international film festival in Cannes Depardieu confessed his love for Russia and Ukraine, although it was not thought that Ukraine is part of Russia.
According to Ouest-France, in the “black list” also included Serbian director Emir Kusturica, American filmmakers Oliver Stone and Steven Seagal and Russian actors.

22 July 2015

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