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Rector and publishing: the mind with the heart out of tune

Publishing house of the Moscow University was founded in 1756. I remember these precious little books where the bottom of the title page was signified: “Moscow. The university press.” Without the year 260 years have passed. Publishing and printing houses are closed. No money. Unprofitable. In general, it is necessary to improve efficiency.

Instead, it will be set up something with a similar name, but “Vestnik MGU” will now be published on the faculties, each on its own: the psychological - to psihfake chemical - at the Chemistry Faculty, etc. They will be printed on laser printers, that is, under the initiative of the cathedral. 250 copies, that is, for the dissertation council and relatives of the wife … I mean the school will be lost and the editing of scientific research in general publishing, and it is very sad, especially against the background of the current continuum optimization science. From which, it seems, the same benefits as from the notorious “total collectivization.”

That is, when all the kings from Elizabeth to Nicholas Alexandrovich, and then under Kerensky, under Lenin, Stalin and other Soviet leaders, with mature Yeltsin and early Putin money for university publishing house was. And now suddenly - again! And over.

You can certainly criticize Elizabeth Petrovna of hindsight: unable to establish a significant foundation endowment or whatever his name is, that money is not enough for some measly two and a half centuries, and four or five. You can, of course, suspect that is not the money, that is, of course, money, but not in their absence, and greedy desire to rake in a little more, because the publishing house of Moscow State University is located in a superb mansion at varnish nowhere Street. Nikitskaya, 5 and asks a business center premium category.

But it’s just a suspicion. I think there is not the self-interest. There is serious. Barbaric Act - closing the publishing house of Moscow State University - suggests that the leadership of the Moscow University has lost a sense of reality. The reality is that under the auspices of the Moscow State University, there is one of the oldest, and perhaps even the oldest Russian publishing and ought to fully support, cherish. And all the talk about lack of money and any other optimization - it is, sorry, bad imagination to the point of delirium.

15 July 2015

««« 70 years ago from Berlin to the Soviet Union sent the first train demobilized soldiers of the Red Army who participated in the storming of Berlin Poklonskaya: The abdication of Nicholas II has no legal force »»»

21 Russian university was in the rating of the best world universities »»»
The British company Quacquarelli Symonds has published thousands of the world's top ranking universities in the 2015-2016 academic year, which got 21 Russian university.
MSU professors are asked Putin to stop layoffs »»»
Faculty and research staff of the Moscow State University named after MV University sent an open letter to Vladimir Putin with a request to stop the wave of mass layoffs at the university.
Dismissed by the Dean of Public Administration State University, whose daughter is accused of fraud and extortion of bribes for admission to the University »»»
Dean of the Faculty of Moscow State University public administration Alexey Surin removed from office "in connection with the expiration of the election to the position held.
MSU Rector: admission rules and competition winners beneficiaries to universities this year change »»»
Rules of admission to universities for privileged categories of entrants and winners of this year's competition will change.
Moscow State University and Beijing Polytechnic University signed an agreement to establish a joint university (New University will be able to take the first students in 2015) »»»
The foundation agreement to establish a joint Russian-Chinese International University on Friday signed by the Rector of the Moscow State University (MSU).