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Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square June 24, 1945

Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square June 24, 1945 - a historic parade to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The parade took Marshal Georgy Zhukov. The parade marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Rokossovsky.

The decision to hold the parade of winners was made Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin shortly after the Victory Day. May 24, 1945 he was reported to offer the General Staff for the Victory Day parade. They took it, but did not agree with the terms of the. General Staff assigned to prepare the parade for two months, Stalin ordered the hits in a month.

June 22, 1945 in the central Soviet newspapers published an order of the Supreme Commander Stalin number 370: “In commemoration of the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War appoint 24 June 1945 in Moscow on Red Square parade of troops of the army, the navy and the Moscow Garrison - Victory Parade “.

In late May - early June in Moscow held intensive preparations for the parade. To host a parade and the parade commander advance picked horses: Marshal Georgy Zhukov - white light gray suit Terek breed named “Idol” Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky - Crow Krakow suit nicknamed “Pole”.

To produce banners of ten by which had to go to the parade combined regiments fronts, turned for help to specialists art-industrial workshops of the Bolshoi Theater. Also in the workshops of the Bolshoi Theater were made hundreds sashes crowning shafts 360 battle flags. Each banner represented a military unit or a compound distinguished themselves in battle, and each of the ribbons marked the collective achievement, marked by martial order. Most banners are Guards.

In the first decade of June all the participants of the parade wore a new dress uniform and started the pre-training. The rehearsal took place infantry units in the Khodynka field in the Central aerodrome; on the Garden Ring, on the Crimean bridge to Smolensk Square, held views artillery units; mechanized and armored vehicles carried out show-training on the ground in Kuzminki.

To participate in the ceremony were formed and prepared a summary of each of the shelves in force at the end of the war front, which should have led the team fronts. Construction of the parade determined in the manner common line operating fronts - from right to left. For each composite regiment specifically identified military marches, which were especially loved by them.

The penultimate rehearsal for the Victory Day parade held at the Central Airport, and general - on the Red Square.

24 June 2015

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