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Tomsk branch of the ONF was connected to the celebration of World Environment Day

Activists regional branch of the All-Russia People’s Front in the Tomsk region took an active part in the celebration of World Environment Day. Together with the teaching staff of the House of Children and Adolescents “Torch,” the city of Tomsk on June 5 “veterans” have organized and conducted a concert-playing environmental program for children, a rest in the children’s camp “Kaleidoscope” and residents of the neighborhood Tomsk-1.
At the grand opening ceremony with a welcoming speech to the children, teachers and parents asked the representative of the Tomsk regional headquarters ONF Yegor Kovalev. “Our social movement attaches great importance to the protection of nature and environmental education, - he said. - We are actively involved in the organization of environmental festivals, competitions, actions for young Tomic, round tables and workshops for teachers, and more recently in our regional office established a working group of public monitoring of the Center for Ecology and Forest Protection. We are waiting for serious work to combat “black” loggers and environmental violations in the territory of the Tomsk region. ”
After the concert program, prepared by the creative teams of the House of Children and Adolescents “Torch”, held game Around the World. Organizers of the festival participants formed “environmental brigades”, each of which had to earn the maximum number of “ekorubley” walking six ecological stations “Artful Animals”, “Ecotourism”, “Landscapers ‘,’ Forest pharmacy”, “Colors of Nature” “Happy Planet”. At the end of the festival, the participants sang the hymn together ecologists of the Tomsk region.

8 June 2015

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