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10 billion rubles. to subsidize Russian universities: the aim does not justify the means

The head of the Russian Cabinet ordered direct from the Russian budget 10,140,000,000 rubles. to subsidize Russian universities. The universities, in turn, that money should be spent on something to occupy top positions in international rankings. What is it?
Funds for the RF Government allocates subsidies under the state program “Development of Education” for 2013-2020 years. But they will have only 14 universities - those that won the contest of the Ministry of Education and Science for a grant to come into the world university rankings. The list of winners was announced July 9, 2013
What will grant?
The state program “Development of Education” for 2013-2020 years. It covers the whole of the Russian education system, from pre-school to university. It was planned that in 8 years for the implementation of the state program will spend about 7 trillion rubles., But then the budget is cut to about 4 trillion rubles.
Russian universities in the world rankings
It should be noted that the Russian universities for several years receive ratings of different levels. However, in the top 100 universities in the world is able to sign only a few.
The Shanghai ranking involves two Russian university - Moscow State University Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University. The first for the period from 2004 to 2014 went down in the ranking from 66 to 84 seats, the second - moved from group to group 401-500 301-400.
The rating TimesHigherEducation Russian first came in 2014-2015,. In this ranking of Moscow State University took 196 place, and Novosibirsk State University was in a group of 301-350.
According to the rating Webometrics, in January 2010, first entered a total of 4 thousand Russian university, the second hundred was only the Moscow State University. But in 2011, he lowered his seat to 304. Such universities as St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State University and the HSE, are stable only in the first thousand.
In the ranking of the top 100 universities in the BRICS countries and developing countries in 2015 by Times Higher Education and Thomson Reuters Russian universities also significantly improved their positions. Thus, in the ranking of 2014 in the top 100 included only two of the university of Russia, the rating for the current year of seven. Moscow State University has won the 5th place, “MiFi” - 13, Novosibirsk State University - 34.
It is believed that a place is guaranteed in the international ranking confirms the recognition by the international expert community, as well as the fact that the quality of education that students receive, complies with international standards, and the level of research conducted by the University - the international level.
One of the strategic goals of education is determined by the approval of Russia’s status in the world community as a great power in the sphere of education, culture, science, high technology and the economy. Education anoint the responsibility of the state.

4 June 2015

««« USE finally disappointed Russians: Every second Russian believes that the exam assesses knowledge is worse than the old school exam Tomsk branch of the ONF was connected to the celebration of World Environment Day »»»

Seven Russian universities entered the hundred best universities in the BRICS countries and emerging economies. MSU rose from 10th place to 5th, five Russian universities were included in the first hundred of the best »»»
Russian universities have improved their results compared to 2014 year.
Moscow State University was the first in the ranking of the best universities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia »»»
Four Russian universities were in the top ten according to the international rating QS EECA (Emerging Europe & amp; Central Asia), which includes the countries of Emerging Europe and Central Asia.
MSU first rose to 25th place in the reputation rating THE, ahead of the leading universities in Germany, France, Australia and China »»»
Two Russian university entered the hundred best in the world, according to the reputational ranking of universities by THE (Times Higher Education).
In Russia, for the first time made a global rating of universities »»»
Yesterday in Moscow ranked list of five hundred universities from 70 countries were presented to the public.
No Russian university was not included in the rating reputation according to Times »»»
Not a single Russian university was not included in the annual ranking of world universities reputation of World Reputation Rankings British newspaper Times, which is still dominated by U.