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USE finally disappointed Russians: Every second Russian believes that the exam assesses knowledge is worse than the old school exam

The Russians are skeptical about the One state exam, but encouraged the idea of ​​creating a single textbook. The current educational system to satisfy only a fifth of citizens (19%). A record number of respondents (48%) for all years of surveys since 2004 states that in comparison to conventional examinations worse exam assesses knowledge of high school graduates. These conclusions were sociologists “Levada Center”, interviewing 800 people from 134 settlements of 46 regions of the country.

The current education system is satisfied with only one-fifth of Russians (19%), a third (29%) maintained a position of “yes or no”, but the majority (42%), it unfortunately does not cause approval. One in ten (10%) could not determine the answer. Gay entire educational system refers to young people aged from 18 to 24 years, and the most dissatisfied citizens appeared at the age of 40-54 years.

For the first few years of research have shown the citizens of Russia so pessimistic in relation to the Single state exam - almost one in two (48%) believes that it assesses knowledge is worse than traditional exams. Only 10% hold the opposite opinion.

According to the sociologist “Levada Center” Karina Pipia, if in 2004 the supporters and opponents of the exam was almost an equal number (24% thought he was better than the usual examination, and 22% worse), now the gap between them has increased to a ratio of 1: 5, that is, the existing format today, the USE is more frustrating than positive perception, which undoubtedly attract the attention of the expert community.

- When they began to enter the Unified state examination, most of the population had positive expectations, certain hopes, in particular, that the graduates of the school will be easier to go to college. Today, when the practice has taken root, we see that the questions in this exam format for the people left, respectively, and frustration is growing - said the sociologist.

Practice cancel entrance exams and admission to them on the basis of the exam is approved by 37% of Russians, 40% regard it negatively, and nearly a quarter of the population (23%) were undecided.

Sociologist “Levada Center,” noted that the negative attitude to change the examination format dominates in the capital: in the whole country 40%, while in Moscow a half times higher - 65%. In her view, this can be explained by the fact that, in connection with the simplification of procedures for filing documents to universities Muscovites appeared much more competitors from the regions.

3 June 2015

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Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) conducted a survey on a representative sample of Russians in 1600 a man aged 18 years and older in 127 settlements of 46 regions of the country.
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Impending reform in the Russian education system is so badly perceived by high school graduates, their parents and teachers.
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Impending reform in the Russian education system is so badly perceived by high school graduates, their parents and teachers.