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Why do you need the exam

Lately everyone is criticizing the exam. However, with its objectives, the real, rather than declared, the State examination copes.
For a long time it was believed Soviet education is the best in the world and the rest of us jealous. It is not without some reason, given that the basis of Soviet education program fell significantly bitten, adapted to the peasants and workers gymnasium program, originally designed for the preparation of professional managers and other elite. The rest of the civilized world such a course were less than 10% of the population - a lot of money.
In Soviet Russia, you’re not looking for a good education, using communication and parental capital and education mandatory finds you. Why did the Bolsheviks needed such inhuman experiments on a population that for the most part difficult to suspect thirst for knowledge? Dreamed grow from each of the chief cook, trying to improve the competitiveness of the USSR in the international arena, to accelerate the modernization of the peasantry to establish the proletariat, embodied in the life of communist dogma about the man of the future - an open question.
Anyway, long time students in Russia were taught not only the compulsory minimum: candles and glass is not not wash, but also gave the knowledge useless, unnecessary and often dangerous to the state and society. The very essence of school education has been distorted. After school - not only and not so much an element of the educational system, but above all, part of the repressive apparatus, designed to lop brains schoolboy teach to perceive reality as it is accepted in the society, to instill in him the category of duty, responsibility, and worthlessness. He would and he reached these simple discovery, but a ten-year sentence in the four walls, together with hostile peers and specially trained teachers, the integration process significantly accelerates.
Therefore, school education in Russia has long been redundant and inefficient, require mandatory reform that will inevitably happen.
The main reasons for the introduction of the Unified State Exam called the corruption and cronyism for admission to universities, they say, the exam will ensure equality of opportunity. Of course, in a country where “corruption and organized crime such as load-bearing structures of the social order, as a school, police and morals” (© Vladislav Surkov, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation) is no equality of opportunity can not be, however, as it is not at all world.
According to a poll by the Levada Center in May 2014, 38% of Russians consider: with the introduction of USE amount of bribes and cronyism has remained the same; 25% are sure that corruption has become even greater; and only 15% say the reduction. According to the company, the Unified State Exam is no equality does not provide, but nearly half of the society arranges the exam. What is the reason? The reason is that no one is no equality is not necessary. We need a competitive advantage specifically for their offspring. Eye

1 June 2015

««« The Russian Orthodox Church called the exam nasty people USE finally disappointed Russians: Every second Russian believes that the exam assesses knowledge is worse than the old school exam »»»

Exam certificates deprive 20,000 graduates »»»
In 2009, no certificates will remain 2.2% of Russian graduates who do not pass the mandatory state exams in the Unified Russian language and mathematics.
Preliminary results of the exam: in several parts of the exam have passed a lot more than 100% of the graduates, and for the year for unknown reasons, an order of magnitude decrease in the number of "twos" in mathematics »»»
At the disposal of "b" were the preliminary results of the USE (USE) - the official results fail in September.
USE finally disappointed Russians: Every second Russian believes that the exam assesses knowledge is worse than the old school exam »»»
The Russians are skeptical about the One state exam, but encouraged the idea of ​​creating a single textbook.
Ministry of Interior has proposed a recipe for evaluation of exam: students to pay a more active after the first session »»»
should discourage school leavers to paying bribes to the finals.
Really? State Duma deputies want to cancel the exam due to inefficiencies »»»
In the State Duma introduced a bill to abolish the exam.