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Tomsk ONF activists dealt with the question of the education of children with speech disorders in mainstream schools

Activists regional branch of the All-Russia People’s Front in the Tomsk region reviewed the education of children with speech disorders in mainstream schools and the creation of appropriate conditions in educational institutions. “Front-line soldiers” offer to hold public discussions on this issue with the participation of parents, teachers, doctors and government officials.

The regional branch of the Popular Front received a petition from parents of children enrolled in a correctional school №59. Authors of the message have noticed that in the school there is only the initial stage of education for children with delayed speech development, the second stage in the school is not provided.

May 20, 2015 in the Tomsk branch of the Popular Front, a round table, which was attended by members of the parent committee, concerned about the continuing education of their children, school principals, deputy mayor of the city of Tomsk, representatives of city and regional departments of education, representatives and experts of the working group ONF ” Education and culture as the foundation of the national identity “and the co-chairs of the regional headquarters of the ONF.

“This led to the diagnosis of urban psychological, medical and pedagogical commission (GPMPK) eight students recommended studying in the fifth grade correctional school for children with speech disorders, - said Head of the Department of Education of Tomsk Olga Vasilieva. - It should be noted that the correctional school №59 does not have a license to carry out the second stage for this category of students. ”

Department of Education suggested parents to continue their children’s secondary education on the basis of secondary school №42, which has a license and sufficient space for this kind of educational services. However, parents continue to insist on making the city a separate school for children with speech therapy disorders, explaining the insufficient level of training in a normal school, as well as the difficulties of interaction with other students without similar problems.

“Today, parents are free to decide whether to give the child to the classroom or in the correction of the regular school class - said the head of the working group ONF” Education and culture as the foundation of the national identity “Hope Lyzhin. - And it should be noted that, in practice, problems with speech development of a child adjusted more quickly when it is actively cooperating with ordinary children. Therefore, whether to isolate the child in a specialized correctional school alone with healthy children - an issue that requires a separate study. ”

The meeting discussed another issue that may arise from their parents in the presence of a single school for children with special abilities (HIA) - the need to carry a child on a daily basis from various regions of Tomsk. Today in the town of remedial classes for children with speech disorders have seven schools located in different areas, which allows parents to choose the child’s place of learning closer to home.

Following the meeting of the round table were the following decisions: to create a system of information support for parents of children with HIA since early childhood, as well as to provide conditions for the education of children with speech disorders on the second stage of training on the basis of secondary school №42. In addition, in September, will be held public discussion of this problem, which will be attended by parents of children with speech development, representatives of the education community, the legislative and executive authorities, as well as health professionals.

22 May 2015

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