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Rosobrnadzor forbidden to come to the exam at Apple Watch

Smart watches, including Apple Watch, forbidden to carry on the exam, along with other gadgets and mobile phones, warned the Rosobrnadzor.
Be sure when passing through the metal detector check, electronic watches or conventional - whether they have Bluetooth, and Internet access, “- explained the deputy head of department Anzor Muzaev, answering the question of” Interfax “.

According to Muzaev, the order of the exam makes it clear that in the hand of the party’s examination can only be mechanical watches, quartz and electronic, but without additional functions - such as a calculator or a processor equipped.
Earlier in the “hot line” on Tuesday, answering the questions of high school graduates and their families, Musa stressed that the Office monitor the technical innovations, and spy technology students will not help. “We have every year, approaching the exam, trying to keep track of all the technology in this regard. Technology is advancing rapidly, but we are trying to keep up with the times, and the first to take this step so that all graduates were in equal conditions”, - he stressed.

19 May 2015

««« “The majority of Russians still can not understand: the great Russia is long gone” ONF proposed to equate the victory in the competition for the exam school »»»

Any exam can be bought for 600 rubles »»»
May 29 high school students passed the exam on the Russian language.
Rosobrnadzor will monitor the progress of students enrolled in schools with high and intermediate exam »»»
This was reported by the head of department said Lyubov Glebova.
Rosobrnadzor: Education in the Russian schools has become a "coaching" on the exam »»»
The head of the Federal Service for Control and Supervision of Education and Science, Lyubov Glebova criticized the approach of Russian teachers to prepare graduates for final certification.
Parents are asked to transfer files to their children in det.sadiki »»»
A strange, incomprehensible initiative of the authorities: children are being forced to bring to school any portfolio, which - all information about them, until the recreation and so on.
Rosobrnadzor CSE proposes to introduce in universities and graduate schools to ban the phone to bring to the exam »»»
Almost all students tested, primarily Unified State, has become the norm.