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“The majority of Russians still can not understand: the great Russia is long gone”

The “new” talked with a law professor of the Higher School of Economics Vladimir Chetvernina about libertarianism and backroom games of the Constitutional Court

- Vladimir, in your opinion, is it appropriate to the analogy between the Soviet era and the present?

- Yes, it is to some extent appropriate, but at the same time not at all. Much of what is happening in Russia today formally resembles some Soviet regime, but in essence it is heaven and earth. I am free to tell the students what I think, even about himself, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In the classical Soviet Union I would for a hint of such a story is already planted, or would shoot.

A parody of the Stalin era

- And in the Brezhnev era?

- In the Brezhnev era, of course, do not put and not be shot, but was sent to work as a janitor.

- So you can say that now is the time more democratic and peaceful?

- It was not calm. Especially interesting and life in Russia that there is nothing quiet, and there can not be, as there is the “Russian system”. Classical communist system broke down somewhere in the 1950s, and it is objectively impossible to recover. You could say that during the Brezhnev and Putin both times was an authoritarian system, and remained. In terms of repression - it is now stiffer, but only because the Soviet repressive period was mainly to the Brezhnev era. So now - a parody of the Stalin era. Furthermore, the mentality of people has changed so much that the fear that determined a person’s life in the Soviet system, is no longer in the bulk. And if Stalin was the iron curtain, under Brezhnev - the psychiatric hospital, the prohibition of emigration, in the last ten or fifteen years, people simply squeezed from Russia who do not like that kind of social culture - well, go there where you like.

- It turns out system in Russia is growing at the same time as the country is extruded objectionable?

- Yes, it’s a way to change the ratio of people with different values. In general, all the best for last 15 years to leave. The proportion of lumpenism that is not easy to put up with in accordance with what is happening, and believes that it should be: higher power, ensuring their social benefits. Those who “krymnash”, is what they are - today determine the specifics of Russia’s social culture.

- Can the current mood of the majority turn to another North Korea?

- No, thank you! Even under Stalin it was still not North Korea. The evolution of large complex systems, in any case, irreversible. Even a return to the level of the Stalinist Soviet Union impossible. The more repressive grow the current system, the sooner all the great collapses and Russia fall apart into pieces.

- How did you manage to form at precisely this world at a time when students imposed propaganda actively completely different values?

- Well, it somehow formed independently from the university, although I studied Valery Zorkin (now the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Law from 1967 to 1979 - Associate Professor of legal

8 May 2015

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