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How and when were St. George ribbons and Guards

In fact, that tape, we believe St. George, there is a Soviet Guards, which was determined the People’s Commissar of the Navy Kuznetsov after the decision of the USSR Armed Forces Guards sign May 21, 1942. Marines wear the sign, and the sailors - the bar with moire ribbon (Guards) and ribbons on his cap.

Who wants to learn more - to help Google.

But no matter how varied colors, the content remained unchanged: nearly 250 years, our ancestors received the St. George ribbon for valor in combat. So do not be mistaken if we call it heroic. After all, it is a symbol of heroism.

The name of the tape received on behalf of George. Established by Catherine II in 1769 during the Russian-Turkish war - together with the military Order of St. George the Martyr and Victorious.

It was the highest military award of the Russian Empire, which encourages the officers of merit on the battlefield, as well as loyalty and prudence. It was also used as an element of the banner.

It was supposed to tape lifetime salary. After the death of the owner, it was hereditary, but due to the commission of shameful misconduct could be withdrawn.

C 1917 film was banned. To revive only in 1941. Differences - only in color. Catherine II was originally ordered to use “ribbon silk of three black and two yellow stripes.” Black means gunpowder and smoke, and the yellow - the color of fire. Under yellow, however, understood quite a wide range of colors - until the variation of the gold. In more recent documents mentioned and orange.

Celebrate May 9 with such ribbons - no longer just an action. Increased generation of young people who are not black and orange ribbons do not represent the May holidays. After all, these tapes exist only as long as they can remember.

For 10 years the event has become a tradition, and people with the ribbons on his chest can be seen in the Balkans, in France, Italy, Germany, Britain, the United States and even in China and Afghanistan.

7 May 2015

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