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The most illiterate participant shares made 273 errors on the 282 words.

In Yekaterinburg summed up the “total dictation” in which it was found that the most illiterate participant shares made 273 errors, 282 words.
“It looked as if he wrote dictation red pen, and we checked the blue. We even thought at first that the Russian - not his native language. But then it turned out that after all native” - ​​quoted by TASS one of the organizers of the Marina Babikova.
Since “Total dictation” is an anonymous event, the name will set the record for the participant is not disclosed.
“This year, in the second and third parts of the dictation problem areas were half-turned and adverbs with half an ear. They made mistakes, more than 70 percent who wrote dictation (78 and 71 percent, respectively). Also, the participants made mistakes fused and separate writing” not “with words of different parts speech. In the second part of dictation words met an invisible, incomprehensible, non-obvious. 32 percent who wrote made a mistake in the word invisible by writing it separately, “- quoted the chairman of the expert committee, head of the department of general linguistics and Russian Natalia NSU Koshkareva on the project site.
Add that all Yekaterinburg “Total dictation” wrote in 1854 a person. Of these, 21 participants received a “top five”, which amounted to little more than one percent of the total test their knowledge of the region.

24 April 2015

««« Main Library of the Urals digitized survival kit during the war Moscow State University for the first time entered the top 50 best universities in the world rankings in four areas QS (Saint-Petersburg State University for the first time entered the top hundred universities in the world linguistics) »»»

At five "Total dictation" wrote only one percent of the participants »»»
Only one percent of the participants "total dictation - 2016" was rated "five".
Scribe »»»
Just left me a copyist. At the door I have long held the copyist's sleeve.
The Russian military-historical society creates an analogue of "Wikipedia" »»»
The Russian military-historical society (RVIO) create analogue of "Wikipedia" - Russian historical encyclopedia ("Ripediya"), information on which will test the scientists and historians.
The unfortunate consequence of last year's set at MSU »»»
- First-year journalism written dictation test in Russian. Confirmed whether they estimate, which receive?
Church asks to take seriously their participation in the development of educational programs »»»
Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II said that