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Latvia became Russia 220 years ago, Russia annexed Courland and part of present-day Latvia

April 15, 1795, Russia became more due to the Duchy of Courland and Semigalskogo and Piltenskogo district occupies the territory of modern southern Latvia. As it happened, says the science department “Gazety.Ru.”

Make Russia more due to the Baltic thought not only Peter I, but his predecessors. But his followers have left this idea and continued to actively implement. Under Peter I, the Russian troops occupied Courland, but not attached, leaving it formally dependent on the Commonwealth. Nevertheless, it is of particular interest because of its convenient location - the Baltic Sea and the proximity to the states of Western Europe.

Following the talks, Peter I with the Prussian king Frederick I was a compromise solution: Duke of Courland Friedrich Wilhelm was forced to marry one of the relatives of the Russian autocrat.

Wife of the Duke of Courland was the niece of Peter I, Anna Ivanovna.

In addition to compliance with the conjugal duties, Frederick William had to be neutral in relation to Russia in the event of hostilities. In addition, the Duke was charged with ensuring the access of Russian merchants to Western Europe via Kurland. However, in 1711 on the way from St. Petersburg home, he died, and the formal ruler Kurland was his brother Ferdinand. Peter I could not put up with such a rapid loss of influence in the duchy and sent back Anna Ioannovna with a small military contingent. In 1730, Anna Ivanovna became Empress of Russia - Russia is no longer ruled Courland Courland and Russia. In particular, it was shown that the favorite of widows - Ernst Johann Biron actually took the reins of Russia in their hands.

It Biron did not allow the inclusion of the Duchy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, supporting the struggle for the Polish throne August III. And after the death of Duke Ferdinand in 1737 he became the Duke of Courland and Semgallia, but after 1740 was sent into exile, where he stayed for 20 years.

A Kurland for 18 years remained without Duke.

Polish King August III, which did not include in the Courland his country agreed with Elizabeth that the duke of Courland would be his son Charles of Saxony. In the Duchy of it caused discontent and indignation - Protestants lived there and could not conceive that their ruler will become a Catholic. Therefore, the strategic decision was made to return Biron, which happened in 1762. As support was accompanied by Russian troops who drove Charles Saxon home.

Biron has promised to Catherine II to build an Orthodox church in Courland and pass through the territory of the Duchy of the Russian troops.

15 April 2015

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