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Historians have criticized Poroshenko statement of guilt for the war Stalin

Teachers history of the largest Ukrainian universities have expressed disapproval of the President Poroshenko in connection with his statements about the Second World War. The Scientific Council of the CMU with individual teachers KNU. Shevchenko asked to abandon spekulitsii on the theme of war, especially in anticipation of the 70th anniversary of the Victory. “On Stalin’s role in World War II is still fierce debate. Among the scientists do not have a definite opinion and it is unacceptable for the President to impose society one of the points of view. It is also impossible to separate the Ukraine from the Soviet Union, it was one country, participated in the war” - in particular, the statement says.

Also criticized the statement of the famous Ukrainian historian Anton Shekhovtsov. He recommended that the president not to engage in populist statements, and pay attention to the draft of the new history textbooks in Ukraine, which is being developed in the ministries.

Recall that on March 31 Poroshenko called to close a significant number of “ineffective” in higher education - in his opinion, they do not give young people the knowledge.

ist: segodnia.net/novosti/news/istoriki-kritika-poroshenko.html

10 April 2015

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