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German Gref called reform “outdated system of education” in Russian

Russia on the quality of human capital is higher than in Europe, but it is a competitive advantage, it quickly loses due to outdated models of education, the president of “Savings Bank” German Gref. According to him, the system can be improved in six years, but the Russians are not willing to pay for the development of their skills, writes “RBC”.

According to Gref, the quality of education today are dissatisfied with everything: the students, teachers and employers, 60% of which are considered qualified employees critically insufficient. Despite the fact that Russia has the highest percentage of people with higher education (53.5%), Russian universities are still not included in the top 100 in the world rankings on major global lamented Gref. Graduates as a result are not ready to work effectively - no skills required, he said.

“Today the education system feels good to make huge profits and do not want to change anything, she does not see the employer,” - said Gref problem. Improve the education system can be for six years, estimated economist. For this purpose, in particular, need to be updated from the universities “closed systems”, which he attributed to the first generation to third generation universities. Their key role in society - not the defense of truth (institutes of the first generation) or discovery of the laws of nature (second generation) and value creation, Gref said.

The transition from an industrial to a post-industrial system requires to link the education system with the market, and the prerequisites for this is - universities, more and more are beginning to manage professional managers, the president said, “Savings Bank”. It should also monitor the result of education, rather than a process to invite more foreign teachers, and universities that enhance competition, should “get a bigger piece of the pie” in the form of government funding, he added.

According to Gref, today more and more Russian companies understand that their competitiveness depends on their leaders, on the quality of human capital. But the social paradigm that education - it is not a diploma in his pocket, and the presence of certain skills, we do not have, people are not ready to pay for it, the president concluded, “Savings Bank”.

The Russian education system really is often criticized. In particular, a lot of scandals has been associated with the introduction of a school exam, as well as monitoring Rosobrnadzor universities.

7 April 2015

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