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War as it is: a true story in the book “Children of War”

The bookChildren of War” prepared for the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War channel “Mir” and Publishing AST. This is a collection of memories of people who are not fortunate enough to see a peaceful childhood sky.

TV station “Mir” has collected the memories of people born in different places of the former Soviet Union. This is the history of the education of different people who share a common tragedy, perecherknuvshy memory of the happy Soviet childhood.

The book contains original documents - a collection of evidence, which distinguishes absolute truthfulness. “Children of War” - a direct speech of those who went through all the horrors of totalitarianism, which brought the world to disaster. From the pages of the book the boys and girls of war talk as they extinguished dropped on Leningrad “lighter” and on the way to school saw the blackened corpses.

Their warmest memories of childhood - ration of bread and a letter from his elder brother, who had gone to the front.

The book consists of several thematic sections devoted to children Regiment, young partisans and those who lived under German occupation.

The book “Children of War” - a document that captures the contradictory history of the era, time, where was the place of baseness and the heroic feat, the struggle for freedom and witch hunts. In peacetime war seems romantic. In the book “Children of War” War is presented for what it really is.

3 April 2015

««« Opened a school studying urban problems German Gref called reform “outdated system of education” in Russian »»»

Russia and Ukraine will write a common history textbook »»»
Russia and Ukraine to set up a working group to prepare a common teaching tool for history teachers.
Media: Ukrainian textbooks will disappear from the theme of the Great Patriotic War »»»
From the Ukrainian textbooks will disappear mention of the Great Patriotic War, told Ukrainian media director of the Institute of National Remembrance of Ukraine Volodymyr Vyatovich.
The manual for teachers recommended the correct approach to modern history »»»
History of Russia from that period, the recent Soviet past and present of this is presented as a chronicle of heroic everyday proud "besieged fortress", never to anyone not inclined his head.
RVIO posted a net newsreels and documents, including previously classified, the trials of Nazis »»»
As part of the Internet project "Soviet Nuremberg" The Russian military-historical society (RVIO) began publication of documents of the public trials of Nazi criminals and their accomplices.
Historians have criticized Poroshenko statement of guilt for the war Stalin »»»
Teachers history of the largest Ukrainian universities have expressed disapproval of the President Poroshenko in connection with his statements about the Second World War.