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65,000 parents have signed a petition against the toll prodlёnok in schools (in the State Duma today considered the relevant law)

65,000 parents have signed a petition against the toll prodlёnok in schools. The author of the bill on the abolition of fees for children’s stay in extended-day groups of the Communist Party deputy Oleg Smolin said, “Russian news service” that gathered a lot of complaints from disgruntled parents from across the country: “I have on hand is 65 thousand signatures, mostly from Moscow and 280 pages of negative comments from the internet about the group day care. ”

Smolin said that adoption of the proposed amendments will help them avoid another serious social problem: if the parents can not afford to pay prodlenki, children are left to themselves, or on the streets, where the chance to get under the bad influence increases significantly. At the same time 95% of the complaints of parents across the country are in Moscow. About it, “Russian news service” said the chairman of the Moscow City Parent Council Ruslan Tkachenko.

He explained that he supports the bill, but it must be followed corresponding repression: “Pay prodlenki - a crime. This was done illegally, often very deceptive ways. For example, usually the principal states that there is no money for teachers and prodlenki, and then immediately open, for example, the group enhanced learning English, which is essentially the same prodlenki, but half an hour they talk in English. People see here substitution, see that they are being deceived. Frankly, we expect not only the law, but also on the fact that many city officials from education will be punished for it. ”

Consideration of the bill in the first reading is scheduled for today, the School had the opportunity to do daycare paid last summer, when the Education Act was amended. Education Minister Dmitry Livanov then commented that against prodlenok paid, but the service is paid in many schools across the country. The average price of the child’s stay in the group extended day- 4000 rubles.

20 March 2015

««« Exactly 35 years ago, the US imposed sanctions against the Soviet Union, forbidden to sell any high-tech products because of the war in Afghanistan Opened a school studying urban problems »»»

School education will remain free - the head of the Duma Committee »»»
"Parents need not worry about what will have to pay for school children.
In Moscow schools more and more children who do not speak in Russian. »»»
According to the Institute of Open Education, about 25,000 schoolchildren in Moscow did not speak in Russian.
"Free" Russian education becomes more expensive every year (three quarters of families have increased the cost of school) »»»
The main result of ending the school year seems to be a significant increase in household expenditure on schooling.
In Yekaterinburg, the school found out, which is not signed up any first-grader »»»
Due to the abolition of the territorial principle of taking children to school, parents rushed to Yekaterinburg to send their children to the "Top Rated" schools.
In Moscow, a new form of deception thrives parents directors of secondary schools »»»
MP Tatyana Potyaeva (fraction "United Russia") said that in recent years it has received more than a dozen similar complaints from parents of future first-graders.