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In Ukraine, about 500 high schools closed

Ukrainian authorities continue reforms in education to obtain a loan from the IMF

Elimination of universities in Ukraine plan to start after the completion of the school year, so the government expects to save about 312 300 000 hryvnia.

“In addition to reducing the volume of admission of students to the conditions of the state order (budgetary specialty), and reduced the number of universities - from 802 to 317, that is almost 2.5 times,” - said the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Office assures that the process will not be painful. Head of the Department of Higher Education MON Yuri Korovaichenko promises that all students and staff will be provided with places in other schools.

The Ministry expects that the transition to the student contract will pay the same amount as liquidated in the institution. The reasons for the cancellation of licenses will be: ineligible quality of education, a small number of students (for example, up to 500 colleges and up to 6 thousand. - In high schools).

However, after the elimination of the Kiev University of Management and Entrepreneurship, students were forced to pay more.

“With the new contracts entered into by contract. However, the amount was higher by 2.5 thousand. USD: we were told that there are supposedly no benefits. Yet the translation had to surrender akademraznitsu - 3-piece, as the program coincided not 100%” - shared one of the students Camilla K., who was transferred to the third course Natsuniversiteta food technologies.

Universities in Ukraine is considered to be educational institutions, which are guided by scientific research and not on the labor market. The new classification provides for the existence of universities and academies, and colleges that plan to leave in the higher education system, to save the license universities will need to undergo a process of re-accreditation and to prepare bachelors.

To control the universities, licensing and accreditation of educational institutions created the National Agency of quality of education.

11 March 2015

««« Textbooks on the history of Russia will check for compliance with the historical and cultural standard MSU first rose to 25th place in the reputation rating THE, ahead of the leading universities in Germany, France, Australia and China »»»

Fursenko: The process of reducing the number of universities in Russia is already underway »»»
The new law on state control, stricter rules for licensing of educational activities will take effect from 1 January next year.
Less than 9% of people in Russia will be free to study at universities. Medvedev and Fursenko have presented a new law "On Education" »»»
The government has placed on the site zakonoproekt2010.ru new draft law "On Education".
RF Ministry of Justice: Knowledge of graduates of Russian universities will be cross-checked by special examination, confirming the quality of the diploma »»»
Graduates of Russian law schools in the future will take a single universal examination and licensing of such schools will be toughened, the head of the Ministry of Justice Alexander Konovalov.
Only a quarter of schools in Moscow recognized the high level of education »»»
Only a quarter of Moscow's schools can provide their students
Teachers will be fined for illegal tuition »»»
State Duma deputies voted yesterday to strengthen the responsibility of teachers and heads of schools and universities for corruption.