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Third of the journalists were “two” on the exam in Literature

Journalists from leading Russian media were not quite ready to demo exam for literature - none of them managed to get a more conventional “four”, and one third from the exam and did not deliver.

As can be seen from the statistics provided by “Interfax” Rosobrnadzor just exam, held in a Moscow school in early February, was attended by 24 journalists from major national media. They were asked to ten tasks for which the maximum you can get 10 points, but none of them managed to score more than 8 points.

Conditional “Quartet” - 7 and 8 points out of ten - get a third of participants (eight people). Another third have written on the “troika” (6 and 5 points, 8 people), while the remaining 33% of the participants with the examination failed, gaining 4, 3 or even 2 points out of ten, which corresponds to the contingent valuation “unsatisfactory”.

Demonstration USE journalists wrote on February 4, it was also attended by the head of Sergey Kravtsov Rosobrnadzor. A feature of the exam was that it was conducted according to the rules “of the” USE: armed couriers, deliver sealed envelopes with the tasks, and the metal detector at the entrance. Media representatives were directly involved in the testing, had to hand over mobile phones and other electronic devices go through the procedure of verification of passports and answer questions at gunpoint cameras.

However, the exam was held on shortened scheme: it was 20 minutes instead of three hours and consisted of only 10 questions on a passage from the story of Mikhail Sholokhov’s “Life and Fate” (tasks with a choice of answers was not all journalists had one ticket).

Kravtsov on the same day said that he wrote the exam at 9 points out of 10, and assured the participants of testing that previously “written all good.” Individual results every journalist were sent a few days after the event, but general statistics Rosobrnadzor not previously published.

The correspondent of “Interfax” took part in a demonstration exam as an observer.

As reported violations in a demonstration exam were: one of the journalists who wrote the exam was taken out of the audience by the organizers for trying to use a mobile phone.

20 February 2015

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