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In the US, demand a ban on the teaching of history, if it does not promote “American exceptionalism”

Introducing a special legal framework, binding to teach high school students the discipline of “History” only programs based on the principle of “American exceptionalism,” require the American public right-wing organization. The main danger of morality and the American way of life right activists see in trying to implement in schools optional “advanced programs” in history - according to the portal ThinkProgress.org.

The study of “advanced courses” aimed at promoting graduates in obtaining benefits for college.

These programs are developed by private organizations and do not contain ultra-patriotic attitudes. This situation gives rise to a right social worker argued that “Advanced Course” introduces learners’ only to the fact that in America is bad. ” For a ban on teaching in schools “advanced course” History lawmakers have already expressed a number of states, including Oklahoma and Colorado. The next step - Georgia and North Carolina.

US right-wing organization advocating the study of history only on the basis of the principle of “American exceptionalism” is also seeking the elimination of “barriers separating church and state.”

Representatives of scientific and pedagogical community called requirements right conservatives “mythological” and relevant historical truth. However, lawmakers often take the enemies of the introduction of new methods of teaching in secondary schools, leaving liberalism higher and vocational schools.

19 February 2015

««« Religion, along with sports and family found a place in the new state program of patriotic education Third of the journalists were “two” on the exam in Literature »»»

Putin urged to get rid of the ideological garbage in the history books »»»
In the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin met with the developers of the new educational complex of Russian history and discussed the contentious issues.
Unified conception of history will teach without a textbook »»»
The teaching of history in schools on a single concept will begin before the new line will be ready textbooks.
Taxation in Uzbekistan will be taught in the early grades »»»
The introduction of new training programs will enhance the students knowledge about taxes and their importance as a source of well-being of people and state.
United States Special Forces troops in agreement with the authorities of Moldova helps repair the grammar school in Chisinau №2 »»»
"In hotels in the capital really is possible to meet American troops, but not special forces, and engineering troops of North Carolina.
Exam in a foreign language made compulsory in 2022 »»»
Uniform State Exam in a foreign language will be compulsory from 2022.