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Fantastic fiction: in the United States recognized the multiplication tables harmful to children

Stanford University professor seriously argues that knowledge of multiplication tables harm a child’s brain. Apparently, the next steps will be the abandonment of the ability to write words and transition to Newspeak

American news portal The Daily Caller quoted specialist in the field of education, a professor at Stanford University, Joe Bohler, which concluded that some of the skills that once children were taught in American schools, are not necessary.

According to the material of publication, translation is provided “Ridus” Centre relevant policies, following the abandonment of the ability to write words may come the turn of the multiplication table.

Professor Bohler said the harm that parents and teachers are applied to children, forcing them to learn the multiplication table. “Zubrenie without understanding the harmful - said Bohler. - I’m not saying that math facts do not matter. I mean that we are better than them know when we understand and use in different situations.”

According to Bohler, students begin to hate math because they are beginning to think that we are talking about memorizing rather than on creative problem solving. As a result, children’s mind falls into a state of stress. “I never memorized the multiplication table, as a child, because grew up in the UK in the progressive era,” - said Bohler.

In the autumn of 2014 Canadian edition The National Post published a study neuroscientists who claim that rote memorization of discrete mathematical facts plays a crucial role in the mathematical development of young children. Memorizing multiplication tables is vitally important for children because without this knowledge later they will have a much harder in the study of more complex mathematical problems.

12 February 2015

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