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Open a free virtual library of English literature in the original

At reading-english.jimdo.com opened a virtual library of original English literature English Reading. Author - Tutor in English in Moscow, believes that there is nothing so effectively affects our language skills, such as reading. In this virtual library everyone can pick up a reading for everyone. Here you can easily find and dictionaries (from the academic to the Dictionary of the English slang and even curses) and encyclopedias (from illustrated children to books on medieval Ireland, etc.), and bestsellers, and a selection of American and British tabloids and magazines about Weapons of guitars, about cars, about science and inventions, etc. In short - everything that an ordinary man too busy to seek out specifically.
In fact - this is another attempt to solve the perennial problem of all those of our compatriots who, no matter how trying, can not learn so simple and so complex English. The lack of progress in learning English is often attributed to lack of basic motivation. Therefore, the main task of a virtual library of English Reading - engender in you a desire to know the world is much broader than what one allows only the Russian language, and thereby encourage to deliberate and purposeful learning English is not so much as an object, but as a means for self-development and self-discovery.

10 February 2015

««« In SF called on to change the methodology of teaching Russian language Fantastic fiction: in the United States recognized the multiplication tables harmful to children »»»

Language teaching gets Second Life »»»
Virtual worlds offer new ways of teaching languages ​​ La Paz.
Fantastic fiction: in the United States recognized the multiplication tables harmful to children »»»
Stanford University professor seriously argues that knowledge of multiplication tables harm a child's brain.
By 2020 a fifth of Russian officials to be fluent in foreign languages ​​and older among the gosupravlentsev will not be more than a third, and some civil servants receive their education abroad »»»
Ministry of Economic Development described in the draft strategy of innovative development of Russia up to 2020, which sees the modern Russian government official.
Schools of Germany want to give up English classes because of their uselessness »»»
Catholic University Ayhshtett-Ingolstadt in Germany conducted a survey among school teachers in the country.
Main Library of the Urals digitized survival kit during the war »»»
Sverdlovsk Regional Library named after Belinsky's first digitized unique documents and instructions for the survival of the Great Patriotic War.