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The students complained to the prosecutor in the enforcement rally for Putin

Students outside Moscow University “Dubna” the prosecutor’s office filed an application with a request to check the legitimacy of the leadership of the institution that sent the March 5 student in Moscow for a rally in support of Vladimir Putin.

According to the applicants, university rector Dmitry Fursaev and other employees of the University, who organized the mass exodus of students to share at the Manege Square, committed an offense under Article 149 of the Criminal Code of “coercion to participate in the meeting by an official using his official position.”
University Guide “Dubna” denies the charges. “On my part there was no coercion,” - said Dmitry Fursaev bbcrussian.com Rector. Students are asked to

well as to test the possible misuse of the budget of educational institutions.

The applicants indicate that they are ready to confirm his words by numerous testimonies, as well as photos and video, Click already posted on the Internet.
“responsible action”

According to his statement, the students, the initiative to organize a shipment of ten buses in Moscow with the students came from the university, in particular, from the rector and the rector Dmitry Fursaev Yuri Kryukov, who is a member of the City Council of the Dubna ” United Russia “.

18 March 2012

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On Tuesday, March 2 at the National Research Nuclear University.
MSU students threatened with expulsion for taking part in meetings »»»
In the dormitory of Moscow State University - House intern
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MSU students threatened with expulsion for taking part in meetings »»»
In the dormitory of Moscow State University - House intern
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Rector of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) refused to rule out a "politically unreliable" students, seen in part in opposition rallies, as required in the Moscow police.