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Statement Fursenko - a demonstration of legal nihilism (Students’ Union will not allow detainees to be expelled CSE students)

Russian Students Union “considers unacceptable expulsion from school of students who passed the exam in math instead of some school educational institution number 958.” RCC “will not give offense to students and is willing to seek protection of their rights and legitimate interests in court,” the statement said Union.

The text states that “to date not proven guilt of students, as there are no court decisions on violation of an administrative or criminal law.” In addition, the stress in the RCC, “RF Code of Administrative Offences and Criminal Code does not provide for expulsion from school.” “Thus, the statement by the Minister of Education and Science that students found guilty of passing exam for high school graduates will be expelled from the university - a demonstration of legal nihilism” - said in the RCC.

Russian Students’ Union believes that “the Ministry of Education and Rosobrnadzor tried to remove all liability for negligence, which was made during the public examinations, and passes it to the teachers, pupils and their parents.” “Meanwhile, the cause of violation of the rules of the CSE and the diversion of their results - corruption in the structures responsible for their organization, and failure in education policy”, - convinced RCA.

On Wednesday, the Office of the Chief Economic Security Capital Management Ministry reported that police detained the students who passed the exam for the money instead of the students, like ITAR-TASS reported. “As a result of activities undertaken in the premises of the state educational institution Education Center Room 264 of the North-East administrative district after the math exam were detained students from various universities, in general, technical and mathematical bias, - said the press secretary of the Office of Irina Wolf. - They passed the exam in math classes instead of the eleventh graduate externship state educational institutions - schools number 958. ” According to the spokesperson, the students were detained at the exit from the premises where the delivery was carried out exam. For example, instead of a school exam was taking the girl-student. According to preliminary information, for these services pupils parents pay money. “It has been found in violation of the rules of the USE by the personality of the students made sure the roll, without checking the documents,” - she said. “As a result of the audit will be addressed the issue of bringing those responsible to justice, and will be sent to the submission of irregularities identified in the education authorities,” - said Wolf. Established by the staff and heads of educational institutions involved in the commission of these offenses.

Minister of Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko yesterday in an interview with the program “Vesti on Saturday” on TV channel “Russia-1″ said, commenting on the situation of detainees around the Moscow students, “How would I feel sorry for any children, students will be dismissed. It position of the rectors, and this is my position too. ”

18 June 2011

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