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Parents are asked to transfer files to their children in det.sadiki

A strange, incomprehensible initiative of the authorities: children are being forced to bring to school any portfolio, which - all information about them, until the recreation and so on. This is - below:

Not so long ago - in February - the internet confused young mother told me about this case - that’s her story first-person …

“Yesterday in kindergarten (Moscow) collected parents to introduce the innovation of the Ministry of Education. Now every parent has until the end of March to give the garden a thing called a portfolio. What is this?
And that’s what. you to a certain pattern collects information about your child. That is, physical and intellectual development of children, families, family relationships, child preferences, interests. Up to where and when to travel, where there were and how the family spends leisure time. with photos! Every step - from illustration !

portfolio showed an example of one girl. And I want to tell you that after watching I learned about the family. It seems that visited their home.
In the future, this portfolio is kept in the garden and is available upon request of the inspector (?). In the transition to school: you want to give him up …

the question: “Who needs it and why?” - there was no answer, because neither teachers nor the head totally up to date and also at a loss. Because teachers have the same profile to provide for themselves!
As I no specific information has not found who and why is it authorized? For it is clear, everything is so malozakonno. if not more.

27 August 2010

««« Ray Nano in the darkness. “RUSNANO” will spend 28 million rubles to build its own network of schools Fursenko proposed a CSE for bachelors »»»

The state will pay for private kindergarten »»»
In Russia there will be a certificate preschooler that will allow parents to send their children to private kindergarten at public expense.
"Passport Health" student collects information on parents »»»
"Incomes of Russians will be more transparent": the next school
"Do you know why education in the country shit and neurotic children is because the school is going on .. i n. And the perpetrators of this outrage, often children, teachers and principals" »»»
There is a school number 1676, is a special school for children with visual impairment, it is located on the street Perekopskaya d.
Capitalism in action. Toll road to the school and kindergarten »»»
Young residents of the area Kurkino have to pay their trips to school and kindergarten.
In Moscow's parents will receive SMS notifications about the arrival of their child's school »»»
The authorities of the Moscow region are going to introduce a new system of security in schools in the region.