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Sergei Kapitsa, “Russia becoming a country of fools”

These polls were saying that we finally came to the conclusion to the aspirations of all those 15 years - brought the country of idiots. If Russia will continue to move the same rate, it is still about ten years, and there will be those who are at least occasionally picks up a book. And we get a country that will be easier to edit, in which will be easier to drain natural resources. But the future of this country do not! Those were the words I uttered five years ago at a government meeting. Time passes, and the processes that lead to degradation of the nation, no one even tries to understand and stop.

We are a complete rupture of words and deeds. Everyone talks about innovation, but it does not do anything to these slogans have been initiated. And the explanation, “I work so much. When I was still reading?” can not serve as an excuse. Believe me, our generation is to work less, but the time to read it always was. A productivity of labor in society several decades ago was higher than now. Today, almost half of the able-bodied young people working in security organizations! It turns out that all these young guys - stupid, narrow-minded people that can just beat the face?

10 June 2010

««« For the introduction of paid education schools will be deprived of license To fill the schools have to buy certificates of paid software. Among the suppliers - a company. »»»

Sergei Mironov decided to teach adults. »»»
Federation Council Chairman Sergei Mironov spoke at a national telethon, "Educating the people and the innovative development of Russia.
Academics across Russia are preparing a protest, the conditions they need to work in the interests of the country »»»
Russian academics with the excitement of waiting for the beginning of October: a month in the country will begin large-scale actions of trade unions.
How to turn a blank sheet of paper? »»»
Over 80% of the time we’re doing 20% ​​of cases, and 20% of the time - 80% of cases.
The unfortunate consequence of last year's set at MSU »»»
- First-year journalism written dictation test in Russian. Confirmed whether they estimate, which receive?
"After 17 years, the youth will be such as we have planned" »»»
The youth of today is dependent position, multiplied by the inflated self-esteem.