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Libraries in Russia have become centers for education and leisure - Medvedev

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stands for the development of libraries as centers of education and encourages them to be equipped with modern electronic equipment, the site of the Kremlin on Monday.

“Today, the library can play a crucial role in the development of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, to be respected centers of education and recreation for our citizens, especially young people. And so it is important to give them a new look that is adequate to the requirements of the time. main thing here - to strengthen the resources of libraries , equipping them with modern electronic technology with access to the Internet space, “- said in welcoming participants to the President of the All-Russian Library of Congress.

All-Russian Library Congress - 14th Annual Conference of the Russian Library Association - held in Vologda from 17 to 22 May. On Monday outlined the main activities of the Congress.

The letter head of state noted that the agenda for this meeting - a number of topical issues related to the development of librarianship, including maintaining a network of municipal and school libraries in small towns and rural areas, acquisition of assets, cultural revival reading.

“I am confident that combining the efforts of librarians, publishers, printers and the general public will serve a productive exchange of experiences, will contribute to achieving these important goals,” - said in welcoming the President.

The congress is attended by over 800 Russian librarians.

professional program of the Congress on the theme “Library of Russia in the knowledge society: the dynamics of integration.” The Congress will also Guest Session “Rural Libraries” and “Agricultural Library”.

Among other activities of the Congress - an exhibition of unique items from the collections of the Russian State Library and Vologda Regional Library “The lace, lace, lace-world”, an exhibition of publications, new information technologies, products and services.

The Congress will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the main library of the Vologda region - Universal Scientific Library named after Grandma.

is expected that the guest of honor at the event will be the Russian Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev, a well-known journalist and TV presenter Alexander Archangel will be awarded to winners of “The Illuminator”.

17 May 2009

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